Best Kinds Of Doors to Get For Insulation

26 Nov 2020

Winter is sliding in quickly, bringing higher energy bills, colder mornings, and frost with it.  Although we try to block out the cold, working to keep our homes as warm as possible, it’s not always an easy thing to do.  Drafts happen, inadequate insulation happens, and cruddy doors can make matters worse.  Your entry is your first line of defense against the cold and snow, so why do so many people short themselves on these?  Here are the top kinds of doors to get and how to ensure that your home will stay warm and energy-efficient in the colder years.

Look At The Bottom of Your Door.

The gap beneath your door could mean that you’re letting in endless air and cold.  Because of how standard this gap is, there are cozies sold on sites like Etsy and eBay that make you keep an eyesore under your door to ensure the cold and insects don’t get into your home.  Look for entries that are either the perfect fit or that have a cold guard on the bottom to close the gap between your home and the outside world.  It may feel more comfortable to go with the easiest option and never check, but your energy bills will punish you for that.

Do You Need A Window In Your Door?

Windows in doors have been in style since the 1960s.  These little portholes allow us to see outside without opening a door or pressing our face up against the peep-hole.  Unfortunately, there are drawbacks to these doors.  First of all, security could be worrying.  With doors with large windows, although it’s easier for you to see who’s at your door- it’s also easier for whoever’s there to see you as well.  Also, windows in poorly made doors can mean another away for the heat in your home to get leached into the outdoors.

Screen Doors Are Fantastic

Screen doors are a second barrier to protect your home from the outside.  Whether they’re fully screened or a secondary glass door, these add an inch of insulated air between your home and the outside of your door.  Sometimes this inch of air can take care of the problems a poorly fitted door can cause.  Instead of searching around for other Boston houses for sale to find something warmer, you may be able to fix your problem with a screen door.

Doors Inside Your Home

What are the other doors in your home made of?  Most are made of composite wood, layered together tightly to create a natural wood feel without being that expensive.  The doors inside your home can also help with heat retention if you pick the right ones.  You don’t have to go heavy-duty and put in large doors in every part of your home, but you can focus on putting indoors that will stop the flow of cold air.  You should also check your back door and garage door to ensure they’re airtight and will keep your home insulated from the cold that’s trying to get in.