Top Mistakes UK Van Driver Make In Renewing Vehicle Insurance

27 Jul 2020

There is a tendency among drivers not to pay too much attention to the condition of the policy each time it is time to renew van insurance. Inertia and comfort tend to outweigh and, although it is possible to improve the guarantees included in the contract and you can save money on auto insurance, few launches to renegotiate their policy or include changes that may be important in the case of suffering an accident. These are some of the mistakes to avoid when renewing the insurance.

In this sense, it should be remembered that the coverage of the vehicle policy should be adapted to the changes that may occur in the van and aspects so important for its protection, such as drivers. The circumstances of each client can change and influence the coverage of the vehicle. And many people are unaware of the importance of communicating to the insurer those changes that, on many occasions, significantly alter the insured risk and can create problems when it comes to reporting.

The renewal of the van insurance is an ideal time to address these changes and update our relationship with the insurer and the policy proposed. We may be very satisfied with the service and coverage it provides, and we only have to update some important information that should be incorporated into the contract. But there are also many clients who, due to lack of knowledge, have coverage that they do not need or require new guarantees.

In these cases, it is advisable to contact your insurance brokerage or your insurer and see how the policy can be adapted to your new circumstances. Do it early and well in advance to know what your insurance company can offer you.

And remember that, if your proposal does not convince you finally and you decide to change your van insurance, you must notify your insurer one month in advance and find an alternative before the expiration of your current policy. As you know, it is mandatory to have valid van insurance, and the consequences of driving without insurance are serious.

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What not to do when Renewing Van Insurance

Many people choose to let time go by and not worry about renewing the policy. In these cases, they likely fall into one of the most common mistakes that drivers usually fall into when renewing van insurance. Here we show you the most serious mistakes, so you can take them into account and avoid them as much as possible.

Maintaining inadequate Van Insurance is an Expensive Mistake

Whenever we have to process the renewal of auto insurance, it is advisable to take a look at the conditions of the policy. It is possible that when reviewing your insurance coverage, you will find services that you do not need or coverage that is no longer profitable.

For example, full risk insurance customers should consider the convenience of maintaining this guarantee for their van, once the vehicle is turning years old. Experts consider that owners of older than five-year-old vans may find it more interesting to purchase extended third-party insurance.

This is so because, over the years, our van is losing value. The compensation offered by insurance also decreases, especially in serious claims that end in the total loss of the vehicle. In these cases, the clear majority of insurers stop applying the new van’s new value two years after its registration.

After that, the venal value is applied, and, in some cases, it is improved by a percentage. But a van will no longer be replaced by another recently released.

However, the all risk premium is higher and may not compensate for having this coverage. The offers automobile insurance usually offers various possibilities for contracting and becoming more common for insurance companies to set a policy to allow optional guarantees. In this way, it is possible to adapt van insurance with very interesting coverage adapted to our vehicle, to save on the policy premium.

Extra Accessories are not always included in the Covers

Another frequent mistake when renewing van insurance is forgetting the accessories of the vehicle. Many people do not know it, and others intentionally forget it to lower the price of the insurance. Still, the truth is that leaving the extras of the van out of the policy can be very expensive in the event of a claim. We are talking about accessories such as alloy wheels, a stereo, integrated GPS, Bluetooth, which are not covered in many insurance contracts.

Most insurers warn that accessories that do not come standard must be specifically listed in the policy to be within the coverage. Failure to do so can be a considerable expense after an accident.

Forget about the other Drivers of the Insured Van

When more than one person drives a van, we often forget to enroll occasional drivers in the policy. It is a mistake, since the existence of more drivers influences the risk and, also, in the insurer’s response to a sinister with a driver not registered at the wheel.

If an accident occurs with a driver who is not listed on the insurance, the insurance company has every right to refuse to pay compensation. So, you should avoid these mistakes and not try to hide information from the insurer to save a few euros on renewal. Renewing van insurance is a good time to put it in order.

We have left it until the end, but the first of the mistakes that we should avoid when we think about renewing van insurance is precisely to settle for the policy that we have. It is possible to ensure our vehicle in better condition, but we must worry about analyzing the conditions of our insurance and comparing the offers of the competition to propose an improvement in the contract.

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