Facebook Marketing For Beginners

1 Jul 2020

Marketing on Facebook is critical to the growth of your business. Facebook opens the doors to millions of potential customers. This target group gets even bigger when you reach beyond your countries’ borders. If you do so, you should hire a certified translation company for translating all the ad copies. This will help you reach a global audience with ease and allow you to get more returns on your investment as well. The tips given below will help you learn how to leverage Facebook to your advantage:

  1. Create a free Facebook page to have a “portfolio” in the digital space as well as communicate with existing and potential customers. Make sure your opening hours and contact information are all up to date. Use images related to your business, products and services for your cover photo so that visitors understand the context of your page correctly.
  2. Consult the Facebook toolbox to develop your store sales, increase your online sales, launch a new product, build your reputation or promote a mobile application.
  3. Increase the number of people who like your page. Although brand publications today only reach a small percentage of a Facebook community, fans are still something to consider for several reasons: an established community builds trust with users who do not know your brand, fans provide a social context for advertisements and make them more effective. Certain advertising objectives are more likely to receive a favorable response and receive less negative feedback from fans.
  4. Establish an editorial strategy that meets the expectations of your community: company news, new products, previews, backstage scenes, exclusives, tips, etc. Create content around seasonal events: Christmas, Easter, Valentine’s Day, etc. Remember to vary the different formats available: photos, videos, links and texts.
  5. Do not be tempted by the dark side of marketing and adopt an editorial line that is not based on “me” or the continuous dissemination of promotional updates. For example, choose to share 80% informative, entertaining or entertaining content and 20% promotional content.
  6. Publish regularly and make sure you are present in the minds of your customers. Depending on your target, be active on your Facebook page outside working hours or during weekends. Test the different options of the publishing tool to publish to specific segments of your audience or schedule your publications at an optimal time or when you are not online.
  7. Optimize your posts for reach and engagement. The greater the reach, the better it will be for your content’s distribution in the newsfeed. In addition, and in theory, Facebook rewards content that contains interactions (likes, comments, shares, clicks) by offering them a better distribution.
  8. Increase the visibility of some of your content to reach more people in the news feed by using the advertising objective “Put forward a publication” or by means of the “Boost publication” button. Focus on content that performs well organically and updates that are important to your business.
  9. If your Page has more than 50 likes, create a promotional offer to get new customers. You can also encourage word of mouth in this way since the offers are designed to be shared between users. Choose the amount you want to pay when creating your offer and check the size of the target audience.
  10. If your business targets local customers, use local promotional ads to reach people near your business, whether they are a few steps or a few kilometers away. Choose the “Directions” call to action so that your customers can use their phones to find their way to your store.
  11. Increase participation in your highlights by using the event’s functionality from your Facebook page. Choose to ‘boost’ your content and select the location, age, gender and interests of the people you want to reach with your advertisement.
  12. Choose engaging and friendly management of your Facebook page. Favor one-to-one communication. Respond to questions and messages in less than 24 hours. Be active in comments on comments and listen to comments from your community.

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