HYPT, The Safest Ticketing App

8 Jul 2020

The Kingsmen Group have just released information on their newest venture, the most anticipated mobile application of the year, expected to launch towards the end of 2020. The app, which will be known as HYPT, has been described as a multi-use blend of a social networking platform, messaging service, self-ticketing and booking service and events calendar…allowing users to condense all of their social life needs into one platform.

This user-friendly ultimate lifestyle manager is set to take the entertainment industry by storm in the city of Dubai, the most populated city in the United Arab Emirates, where it is planned to launch. The app is designed to be used as a personal events calendar, through which the user can plan their social life by exploring and browsing venues and events, booking tables at the cities’ worthiest restaurants and lounges, having exclusive access to the latest events and buying tickets for everything from club nights to arena shows….all at the fittest rates in the market. Indeed, the Kingsmen Groups’ well established and impressively connected network in Dubai ensures that their new app, HYPT, will be able to provide all of the most exclusive and up to date information on Dubai’s entertainment industry and boast the cities most unique and best offers.

This advanced app is most importantly designed keeping your convenience and security in mind, continuously updating in the pursuit of delivering the most efficient and enjoyable customer experience when booking tables or purchasing tickets via the app. In addition, the Kingsmen Group’s already well established and successful marketing wing, The Kingsmen Agency, has solidified their loyalty as a company, and their technological expertise which gives us full assurance that this incredible app will be of upmost security as a ticketing platform in which payment is processed and private information is protected. Kingsmen Group has prioritized their app to have highest safety and security levels and insists on their use of the latest and most up to date security strategies and systems to ensure that their user’s privacy is prioritized and when buying tickets especially, they can do so most safely and securely.

All of the communication between the back-end and the mobile is protected by HTTP, TLS security which is the most recent and most advanced systems recommended by banks and other government bodies to use. On top of this, to ensure the app is of upmost security levels, it will use tokens which basically means there is a double layer of security for users on the app. HYPT promises to be your most trusted and secure interface between all partner organizations and events that exist on the app and its users making any form of payment. Kingsmen hope that the app will combat ticketing fraud with its blockchain technology, becoming an esteemed platform for customers as well as securing commercial success for organizations by providing a smooth and innovative selling platform. It will become a solution for automatic ticket selling and is committed to delivering organizers and attendees with reliable and secure experiences. The latest technologies will ensure that the mobile application will be continuously updated to the most advanced systems for consistently sleek, efficient and safe usability.

HYPT! Your virtual personal assistant, without the human tendencies to make mistakes or forget things….

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