7 Startup Ideas That Can Help You Become A Successful Entrepreneur

22 Jun 2020

When it comes to operating businesses, it seems like everyone is an expert in their own way – or they like to think so, at the very least. However, as easy as it may seem from the surface, running a business is challenging and far from being easy. It requires a lot of dedication in order for one to become successful in the industry, and the competition is already rather daunting for most.

Many businesses do not get past their startup status due to a lack of expertise, and in most cases, an outdated idea that does not collide with the views of the current generation. However, this does not mean that all business ideas are unsuccessful or that they will not become a creative venture in the future, but it is also true that unless one is willing to put in the extra effort, businesses do fail.

Nonetheless, with creative entrepreneurs, such as Frank Patrick Delgadillo, rooting on for new business owners to succeed and flourish in the corporate world, there is no doubt that success is right around the corner for most. Delgadillo is a brand owner and a successful entrepreneur who successfully found a string of businesses, which were all massively successfully.

Delgadillo’s empire consists of various businesses and ventures, including Ambiguous Industries in 1996, Commune in 2008, Komforte Choklates in 2010, Chapter in 2011, Colony 2139 in 2014, and DECO86 in 2019. Delgadillo has also worked as a creative director for Mitsubishi in Japan in 2015.

If there is anything that Delgadillo’s success proves, then it is the fact that one can start various businesses and become notably successful as long as they are dedicated and focused. If you are currently in the midst of coming up with a business startup idea, consider the following list as well:

  1. Real Estate Valuation

The real estate market is consistently booming and has a massive amount of opportunities available within it. Although one has to be well connected in order to truly become a tycoon in this regard, it is still a highly successful business that will generate a hefty amount of profit.

  1. Online English Teaching

Of course, one can always opt to become a teacher or open an institution that helps students connect with notable tutors, but with the current state of the world, an online option is certainly a lot more suitable. Instead of English, you can opt to teach any other subject as well.

  1. Travel Consultation

You would be surprised at the number of people who are not aware of how easy it can be to travel to a different city or state or country. This is also due to the lack of information people have about these subjects. Thus, a travel consultation is certainly likely to succeed in the current generation.

  1. Fitness Coaching

More and more people are leaning towards the idea of healthy living and healthy eating at the current point in time. This is why it is a highly suitable option to start offering coaching advice and online fitness sessions to a massive amount of people – especially if you are a physically fit person yourself.

  1. Professional Translation

If you are bilingual and have the skill of speaking several different languages fluently, then a translation business can prove to be very successful. Additionally, you can also connect people to other translators to help make the process of translation an easy thing for all parties involved.

  1. Life Counseling

The current generation is one that is confused and in desperate need of help to figure out their life problems. For this reason, life counseling is an ideal business startup idea and can be very useful to a large number of people. Additionally, there is less competition expected in this business idea too.

  1. Clothing Brand

Although this business idea has been tried by many, only to see it fail, it is still one of the best startup ideas. The real trick in it all is how you market your products and whether the quality of your products matches the standard or not. Start small and then expand from that point onwards.

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