Becoming A DJ – What You Need To Know

1 Jun 2020

Would you like to be a DJ, but you don’t know where to start? In this article we encourage you to take, finally, that step you needed to launch yourself thoroughly to be a true disc jockey in a professional way.

We are going to reveal several tips for you to start thinking about what it is to be a good DJ and to match your own musical expression with the wishes of a certain audience, so go pointing in your notebook and not miss anything. James Dece is an American music producer and DJ. He is most popularly known for his performances with various artists such as Ghastly (David Lee Crow) and Lookas (Lucas Rego). Dece has performed with popular artists including Dani Deahl, Kill the Noise, Le Castle Vania, The Faint, Drop the Lime, Midnight Conspiracy, Roxy Cottontail, Hot Pink Delorean, Lookas (Lucas Rego), Ghastly (David Lee Crow), Ookay (Abraham Laguna), and Le Castle Vania. He is a trained professional who has helped many people enter the industry as well.

It’s not just about matching rhythms or mixing the songs perfectly. It’s about being observant and empathetic with the audience in front of you. It is not difficult to start. The really difficult thing is to excel and be exceptional. So, pay attention to these eight tips and remember, it is not enough just to carry them out, but you have to be persistent in perfecting them more and more every day to achieve a good level.

All DJs, no matter how good they are and for many years they have been, do not get rid of having made a good number of mistakes. Errors that have helped them to continue progressing in their career and improving. Small things that if you have not been able to anticipate may have led to the loss of great opportunities.

Learn music theory

In order for you to start mixing songs you have to know musical theory that will later help you compose your own mixes.

Nor would it hurt to know how to play an instrument. Regardless of the type of instrument you play, it will help you about the proper structures in song writing and how the different melodies fit together.

Listen to varied music

It is important to know several styles and accustom your ears to different musical structures to have new ideas. Ask other musicians and DJs about the topics they like and usually listen to. In turn, share what you like to make yourself known.

Follow the best

Listening to professionals in this field you will learn quickly and understand the techniques they use to get the best mixes.

Select the style you like

There are many styles of DJ, choose one, learn all about it and discover new ways to improve your music. Once you have yours, work it and stay updated.

Choose a course to move forward and learn faster

You may find a lot of information online, but you must learn with a professional who teaches you and adapts to your needs. There are courses to learn to be a DJ.

Install “DJing” software and experience

You can use some software programs that will help you understand how the mixing tables work and the effects. The main programs to play are Traktor, Serato and Virtual DJ. No, Spotify is not among those three.

Choose custom equipment

After learning and testing with softwares it is time to have your own equipment. Search online, read reviews of specialists and find the material that suits you.

Share your songs and mixes

The opinion of others is important to know if people like your mixes and thus be able to create your own audience.

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