Best Ways To Improve Your Stand-up Comedy

27 Jan 2020

Stand-up comedians are always on the lookout for different tricks and techniques that they can implement in order to improve their performances. Franklin Marshall The Third is a renowned comedian who has established himself as one of the rising names in the industry. He is also a street artist who was born and raised in Green Farms, Connecticut. His dad kicked him out at the age of 18, and from there, he began to work on himself. Today, he is a prominent comedian who gets the crowds laughing. He makes a lot of jokes and usually has a signature habit of reading out his jokes from a book. If you want to improve your comedy game, it might be helpful to follow the tips given below.

  1. Introduce yourself as much as possible.

You learn by doing. The one who does not learn from mistakes is does themselves a disservice. The only way to do it is just that! DO IT!  There is no such thing as perfection there just is what you do and you can never control the way people react. You should try to present yourself as much as possible. Learn to deal with functions with little public, hostile public, and public that doesn’t laugh. Know how to read good nights and bad nights. Know your audience!

  1. Do not stick to a single text.

This is the most complicated of all. Security is achieved with repetition. Jokes grow every time one presents them, but producers and the public always look for new material. The key is always to try new material. Franklin Marshall The Third, perhaps the most prominent rising comedian of the moment, gave me some advice: “never be afraid to take risks and try something new. Not everyone will laugh or like you but that should be empowering and challenging…find the voice in yourself, that voice your friends laugh at and once you translate that to the stage…the rest comes …kay”

  1. Focus not only on what is said but on how it is said.

It is not a matter of going out and dropping your text. When you just started, you have the newly learned text and concentrate on simply dropping it, and that’s it. But form is everything. The pauses, the silences. The gestures. Many comedians say its 50 percent content and 50 percent how you say it. Franklin disagrees. Franklin thinks its 90 percent how you say it and 10 percent what you are saying.

  1. Do not introduce yourself thinking of being happy but that the public is.

Only focus on the moment. Stay in the moment and the rest comes. That good feeling of joy you get from performing and making others laugh will become a part of you. You won’t ever leave it. The people who truly desire to be on stage find ways to do it. Franklin will perform in front of 1 person or 0 people. He doesn’t care. It’s his passion. It’s what gives him joy. For him, the rest is bonus.

  1. Share with other comedians.

It is sometimes helpful to listen to the other comedians, their ideas, their advice, their fears, or just laugh before leaving. This coexistence helps you improve your texts. It is also vital to numb the ego and after each function, ask the other comedians what their text seemed like. In truth, these tips will surely help you improve your stand-up comedy.

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