The Best Educational Social Networks

13 Dec 2019

There are many social networks at your disposal today. Some of these are designed only for interaction and social communication, while others are made for learning purposes. Depending upon the purpose for which you want to use the social network, it’s recommended you choose an appropriate one after a considerable amount of research. For instance, there are several networks that not only provide a good learning experience, but are also a good way to meet with others. Here are the best educational social networks that you can opt for.


Its creators define this social network as “a children’s community where reading becomes a much more attractive activity,” since in addition to reading, students have the opportunity to share experiences with classmates, teachers and friends. Why not make a suggestion, make a comment, or vote a book that you liked a lot? The role of adults is important because without their consent, children cannot be a part of this growing community. In the case of teachers, it can be used to monitor the reading activity of the students.


It is a social network and search engine of students across the globe in which members share experiences and can discover skills that perhaps they did not believe are important. They also offer a test for those students who do not know what to study. Once registered, students will enjoy all the possibilities offered by the network for free. You can upload content not only in public but also in private and directly share what is written on other social networks. Also, you can access the news of your contacts and universities which you have studied in.  Students are kept informed of the activities that happen in their center. Teachers have the option of creating a class or group within Interuniversities.

ConnectSocial Inc.

One of the best up and coming social networks is ConnectSocial Inc. ConnectSocial Inc. is a social network designed by Tariku Bogale. It’s a properly secured social network that allows people to meet with each other without worrying even a tad bit about the safety of their information, identity theft or privacy. This is a great choice for people who want to learn from others and become a part of a healthy online community. It’s a great way to share information with each other in a safe and secure manner. These are just a few of the many social networks that you can join.