Your checklist for a hit song

4 Sep 2019

There are so many songs passed on to producers every single day, but only a few of them manage to make it onto our TV screens or playlists. There are so many singers out there who have this one-hit wonder, and then they vanish off of the screen. They are just never really able to keep the attention of the listeners. It is only a few artists who are able to produce hit after hit songs.

There are some unfortunate artists who are not able to witness hit song status, their entire music career. Songs are the lifeblood of a musician’s career. No one really is able to walk down the street humming a voice; in fact, it does not matter how good someone’s voice is they need exceptional songs for the audience to connect to. There are some songs that the listeners just bond to and hear over and over again till it goes onto the top songs of the list.

There are several things that go together to make that perfect song, which becomes the tune of the year.


Everyone wants to know that the sentiment they are feeling is not something they are experiencing alone. However, songs that talk of someone experiencing heartbreak are very common, but they never get old. The artist merely needs to find more creative ways to be able to relay their message of standing in solidarity with the listener.


A good melody is crucial when it comes to making a hit song. This is why Britney Spears’ “Oops I did it Again” and “Gimme More” caught such a frenzy of audience attention. Sometimes your lyrics will not matter as much the melody will. A lot of people want a song that they can dance to, or get addicted to. Usually, songs with unremarkable melodies become forgotten. It is the melody that will carry the song, or rule over the sway of the syllables of the lyrics. You will have to experiment with different tones and see what goes well together to form the melody you think will be a hit.

Catchy rhythms play a big role in making a song popular with listeners. This is why Matthew Schultz experience such vast success with his song “Somewhere Far.” The song has up to 6 million streams on Spotify up till now and was also featured on Spotify’s top playlists like Chill Hits. Not only that, but it has also taken its place in Viral 50 list in 8 countries across the globe. The best part about all of this is that he has been able to achieve all this success by working as a Head of Retail Branching for American Financial Network.

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