Side Hustles That You Can Try Besides Your Day Job

3 Jun 2019

Having a primary job is vitally important for everyone because it allows us to sustain ourselves and build a good lifestyle. Most people secure jobs that pay adequately so that they could fulfill their needs as well as the needs of their families living in a household. Various economies around the world are not strong and do not have a stable ecosystem where most of the population is guaranteed to have bread and butter and only a small fraction of people are below the poverty line. This is why people in such countries are forced to do multiple jobs as a means to sustain themselves and support their families.

It is essential to understand that one cannot live a fulfilling life if they are tied to one kind of job and not seeing some sort of progress. In this regard, you will have to do more than what you are supposed to, also as a means of securing your future because you never know when you are out of a job.

If you are someone who wants to begin doing side gigs, here are some ideas that you can look into:

Pro dancing – If you have an interest in performing arts, then dancing would be a good option, to begin with. However, one thing is important that you do not get into dancing backed by a motivation to earn money and get famous because dance is an art and the discipline of art should be liberated from all sorts of capitalist mindset is driven impulses. A dancer does get famous and amasses good money in their professional careers. But they are never motivated by it, and that is what separates the professionals from amateurs.

Let us consider the example of Can Muhammed Karagoz, who is notably known as a professional runway model, professional ballroom and Latin dancer, and entrepreneur. Karagoz also teaches people different styles of dance and is famous for his signature moves. Not just a dancer, the Turkish-American performing artist also holds a strong reputation as a runway model who always manages to steal away the stares of people in fashion shows.

Freelance work – Considering you have some sort of fundamental skills, you can start working freelance for different clients. Freelancing is quite flexible, and you work independently of the restrictions and systematic regulations of an organizational work environment. Freelancing can be a good opportunity provided that you have some sort of skills in content writing, translation, voice acting, graphics designing, or programming, etc.

Blogging – Becoming a content creator has become a big trend in the world today. More and more people are creating their online presence, and for some, it has already become a full-time career. You can practically start a blog on any subject that interests you, learn some digital marketing strategies, tactics, and tools online, and execute them. In a matter of time, when you are able to build a strong following and blog traffic, you will be approached by brands and advertisers.