Top Safety Tips For Stove Heating Systems

30 May 2018

Throughout the country, as there is a fall in temperatures, families start searching for an alternative for creating some heat in their houses. Although space heaters are good options to use as the source of warmth but they can be dangerous as well. According to official reports space heaters are one of the main causes of annual deaths caused due to home heating fires. These heating devices must be used with great caution.

Some of the common mistakes like putting a flammable object very close to the heating equipment can cause the majority of such accidents. Here we give you some of the best safety tips that you must keep in mind while using a heating equipment such as a fireplace or a stove.

Don’t get into DIY’S:

When it comes to installation of the heating equipment like central heating, space heating or water heaters, etc, don’t try to save money or show your expertise by doing all the work yourself. Iit might result in horrific accidents. Always have a well qualified and an experienced professional install any kind of heating equipment. Remember that these installations should take place according to the local regulations and manufacturers guidelines.

Use Glass Hearths:

Because the heating stove produces a high temperature of around 100 degree Celsius, thick hearths for stoves should be placed above a combustible material like a wooden floor.  They come in various shapes and sizes, choose the one which is in accordance with your heating system. This will ensure complete safety and preserve the beauty of your interior as well.

Maintain distance:

Always keep in mind that no object that inflammable is kept under a distance of at least three feet from the stove heating systems. These might be simple things like a curtain, furniture or an electric gadget that you might not usually pay attention to but can catch fire easily. So make sure space around the heating systems is clutter free. And this distance has to be maintained by any kids at home as well.

Use the right fuel:

While using any kind of stove heating system use proper fuel. For example, us hardwoods like maple or oak for the wood burning stove and make sure they are properly cut and air dried for about a year before using. Also, keep in mind to use the kind of fuel as specified by the manufacturer for fuel burning space heaters.

Use screens:

In your stove heating system make sure that you use a strong screen that will stop any of the sparks from flying in the room. Before putting the ashes in a metal container let them cool first and keep it at a distance from the house.

Get your house checked:

Keep all the heating equipment and chimneys in the house checked and cleaned by a professional at least once a year. Every month, remember to test the smoke alarms. Get any repairs suggested as soon as possible. A regular maintenance will ensure yours and family’s safety.


Safety of the members residing in a house is of paramount importance. Therefore, always remember to exercise the above-mentioned precautions while using any heating system.

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