Why Finding The Pacifier For Newborn Is So Essential?

11 Feb 2018

Other than food, clothes, and diapers, what can a baby possibly need? You may need nasal aspirator for your baby. Nasal Aspirator helps you to safely and quickly clean your baby’s nose for better breathing and deeper sleep. You may need the bottle warmer to thaw the liquid efficiently and keep it at a constant temperature. There are some products that many parents things it does not really need to buy for their baby like pacifiers, baby monitor. The parents ask ” Are they good for my baby?”

Has it been tough to pacify your little darling who is addicted to breastfeeding? Switching to a soother may not be a cake walk, especially for newborns! Unless, of course, you find the best pacifier for the newborn that can calm your “crybaby” instantly!

Should You Give Your Baby A Pacifier?

Having doubts about opting for a binky is only natural. The parent was hesitant at first. But many my research showed how much the binkies have advanced recently and there are such a wide variety of plugs to choose from.

Gumdrop is the best pacifier for newborns as-

  • It doesn’t block my baby’s tiny nose or cause any difficulty in breathing
  • Being vibrantly colored they are easy to track in low-light/darkness
  • The single-piece design safeguards from any choking hazards
  • They are BPA free
  • The tactfully placed air holes protects my newborn from having any sort of skin rashes

The hospital-grade silicone paci doesn’t contain latex and is formed to help develop the child’s mouth and thousands of hospitals in the U.S. and other countries are giving them to newborns. So, if doctors are not shunning away the smoothie, then you sure can relax your ‘mommy caution alert’!

Why Finding The Pacifier For Newborn Is So Essential?


What Are A Pacifier’s Advantage and Disadvantages?


  • The pacifier conforms to the child’s constant desire to suck, keeping them relaxed and calm during non-feeding hours.
  • Pacifier usage cuts down the possibility of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS).
  • Binky can distract your child while getting regular shots/check-ups.
  • When on the flight, pacifiers can aid to level out ear pressure.


  • Binkies may cause ear infections in infants. The risk of ear infection is evidently less in newborn babies, specifically 0-6 month’s age group.
  • In certain cases, when newborns are given soothers they may have some troubles during breastfeeding.
  • Sucking on a paci can become a habit which may last up to 2/3 years of age which can be a problem.

Will using a Pacifier negatively affect my baby’s teeth development?

The binkies are used from birth to about 6months or 1 year age. During that period your cuddle ball grows baby teeth. Researchers and dentists say that soothers are designed to aid proper straight teeth growth in kids. They are accurately sized to fit in the baby’s mouth and the symmetrical-nipple design in meant for right jaw development.

Yet, there can be teeth development issue if your baby continues using the paci for a longer time frame, i.e., 2/3 years of age. I visit my baby’s dental specialist regularly for best advice. I would recommend you visit yours too for 100% assurance that your sweetheart’s teeth and jaw formation are developing correctly.

How to Supervise My baby’s Pacifier Usage?

These are tricks for you as they came in handy when managing my newborn’s binky usage-

  1. Forcing is never the way. Infants tend to have mood swings too, so try introducing the smoothie at different times and let your baby pick it willing.
  2. The gap between feeding sessions, when your soft cuddle bug is not hungry is a great time to give it a trail
  3. Your first option to a cranky newborn shouldn’t be the binky. Try out rocking or singing before resorting to the soother
  4. Soothers are a blessing when you are stuck in a public queue and can’t feed your baby. Other than such instances, don’t use the paci to postpone feeding or as a distraction when your baby needs mother-child time.
  5. Sleeping or napping times are best for giving the pacifier a shot. But hey, if your cute little one dozes off and the paci falls out of her mouth, let it be. There’s no need to put it back in her mouth.
  6. Clipping on the pacifier on your newborn’s clothes is a safe way to go. Avoid tying it to the crib or around the infant’s neck as it can be very dangerous as babies may accidentally choke in the string.
  7. Select the most suitable pacifier according to your child’s mouth size. Clean it regularly with luke warm water and get a fresh one if you see slight cracks.
  8. Never put your child’s pacifier in your mouth as adult saliva has bacteria which when passes to your baby’s mouth can cause cavities when baby teeth tend to come out of gums.
  9. Dipping the pacifier in sugar water, honey or juice is also a very bad idea. These often lead to cavities which you seriously do not want for your baby.

The pacifier is only one of the products must-have baby products for the first year.

You will come across many lists and articles related to the items that you need to have after having a newborn. You can use above tips and find the best pacifier for newborn yourself.