5 Reasons Why Regular Health Checkups Are Necessary

8 Nov 2017

Health is very vital for the survival of any human. Being in good health increases productivity and reduces stress levels. That is why it is always good to keep up with your health by visiting a doctor for regular check up. One of the most crucial areas to maintain a healthy lifestyle is in your sex life. Sex is a part of life for many individuals from different demographics. However, as much as people enjoy this freely given gift, it is essential to be on the safe side. More than two million cases of syphilis, gonorrhea, and Chlamydia are reported in the U.S every year. You can reduce the chances of this by keeping yourself clean at all times.

How to Keep Yourself Clean

  • You can keep yourself clean by peeing before and after sex. Peeing will help a woman reduce the chances of getting UTI.
  • Using contraceptives such as condoms is also necessary. Condoms will not only help prevent unwanted pregnancies but STDs as well.
  • Locate one of the STD testing locations and have a checkup. It will help you be more careful when it comes to your health.

Why are Regular Health Checkups Necessary?

Sex has its health benefits. However, if you have an active sex life, there are several reasons why you should have regular checkups.

  • Having regular checkups will make you more careful with your life. Visiting the doctor acts as a wakeup call to many. A lot of the times, people are caught up in their world. However, having checkups often opens you to the realities of the world.
  • It is easier to treat a condition when discovered at an early stage. Many STDs are treatable except for a few. However, for the incurable STDs such as HIV/AIDS, finding it at an early stage can help you control it.
  • Regular checkups will save you money. Treating an illness can be costly. But checkups can help you detect this early.
  • Checkups can make you more productive. Health is vital to maintaining an individual’s performance.
  • Makes you more confident. People who have an active sex life are often victims of fear of the unknown. However, visiting STDs testing locations can help you gain back your confidence.


Reports indicate that sex occurs 120 million times in a day. Therefore, the society cannot ignore the role sex plays in our communities today. With so many sexually related diseases on the rise, it is advisable to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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