5 Jobs With Surprising Health Benefits

31 Oct 2017

When choosing a job most people go for the position that pays the best. Money is important, but having a job that promotes good physical and mental health is equally beneficial. Some career paths actually make it easier to stay in shape and live stress free. Here are five jobs that can benefit your health by keeping you active and emotionally fulfilled.

1. Nutritionists

A nutritionist spends his or her day providing advice about foods and their impact on the body. In order to perform this job you need to have a solid foundation of knowledge regarding nutrition. Having this knowledge helps nutritionists to make good choices regarding their own health. When they spend all day teaching others, most people in the health field choose to “practice what they preach,” and nutritionists are no different.

2. Small Business

While the corporate world is ultra-competitive and stressful the realm of small businesses is usually the opposite. Small businesses tend to offer a family-like environment. Managers know their employees personally and care enough to support their well-being. The same goes for co-workers who help to foster a supportive workplace. The ambiance associated with the small business makes for happy employees. Although many businesses do not offer generous health care packages, employees are still eligible for workers compensation in the event of an emergency.

3. Florists, Gardeners and Farmers

People who work with plants do not have to deal with dull office jobs that keep them sedentary. Those who work as florists, landscapers and farmers benefit from the interaction with plants and the outdoors. It’s been scientifically proven that plants have a positive effect on on the human mind. Working with a natural mood booster the entire day supports mental clarity and tranquility. Furthermore, this line of jobs involves consistent physical activity which keeps the body fit and healthy.

4. Car Detailers

You might be surprised to find that car detailing provides numerous health benefits. First of all, the physical demands of the job (such as washing and waxing) are sure to burn some calories. Those who choose this job path are also usually car fanatics. Therefore, they get the spend the day interacting with something they love. The immediate gratification felt by turning a dirty car into a sparkling, clean beauty is also beneficial for your attitude and self-esteem. Many car detailers also have flexible schedules which allow them to take breaks as needed and carve out time for the gym.

5. Yoga Instructors

People who run yoga studios have one of the least stressful jobs in existence — or at least, stresses incurred by the job are canceled out by the job itself. They spend the day practicing meditation and yoga stretches, which improves physical health. Instructors also receive the daily satisfaction of helping others to become more in-tune with their minds and their bodies.

Look for the Benefit of a Job, Not Just Job Benefits!

You may notice that many of the jobs listed above are not high-paying, but they offer a lot in terms of freedom and tranquility. When looking for a job that promotes your well-being be sure to look at the comprehensive benefits of a position. It is good to make money, but it is better to do a job that keeps you happy and healthy.

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