Going Out? 5 Reasons to Have a Friend Accompany You

9 Aug 2017

Even if you’re more of an independent person, it’s usually not a bad idea to include someone when you go out. They can increase the fun without increasing stress or danger. Though you may have to sacrifice some freedom to make things work, having a companion when you’re out is nonetheless a valuable experience. Here are five reasons to keep them close by.

It’s Safer

Whether you’re hitting up the whole town or sticking to one location, having company gives you access to a helping hand or a witness if something goes south. A friend will freely accompany you through dark and uncertain areas. Even if nothing undesirable happens, you won’t be alone when the night’s over.


Similarly to the former point, having two or more people to a group makes it easier to move around. You’ll be more obvious when it comes to transportation (never minding a potential extra vehicle), you’ll have a pair of eyes watching out for you, and you have backup in case of unwanted social events. It’s important to ensure that your friends are there for you, if not to just keep you out of trouble. More importantly, they won’t allow you to drive if you are impaired. Like it has been mentioned above, it is better to be safe than sorry. 

Travel Care

If you plan on drinking or taking public transportation, a friend could be invaluable. You can avoid being alone with shifty drivers and have someone help make decisions if you get too incapacitated. Having a designated driver helps you avoid attorney costs if you are caught driving while under the influence, too. It’s another safety measure, but your friend should care about your safety anyway.


Someone who has your back can distill your fears and give you the confidence to take more chances while you’re out. It’s good to know your limits, but sometimes you need to go for it—a friend can help without forcing it too much. Having people to talk to, especially friends, is important when you go out. It keeps the awkward moments to a minimum and allows you to have confidence when meeting new people. 


This one’s probably the simplest: bring a friend for more fun! This can depend on what your friend likes to do, but sharing a good time can make it even better. You get to enjoy your time out with someone who makes your life better, and you’ll have special moments to share once morning comes.

It doesn’t hurt to have a teammate in your nighttime adventures. Bringing one or more friends for a night out boosts your safety and enjoyment potential, so have one tag along the next time you hit the streets. Your night out is worth it.