5 Common Essay Writing Problems and How To Deal With Them

25 Jul 2017

Even though being a writer has many advantages, it also has its challenges. Whether you’re writing an essay, an article or a project paper, chances are that you will encounter some challenges or roadblocks.

Below are 5 of these challenges and how to overcome them:

Writer’s Block

Writer’s block is what you feel when you encounter difficulties when writing. You feel like you’re not in the mood for writing, or you have no idea on what to write.

How can you overcome writer’s block?

  • You should probably rest – Ensure that you’re getting enough sleep, and you’re not stressing yourself too much.
  • Read more – It’s evident that you can’t produce something worthwhile without consuming. For you to have enough to write about, you have to read regularly.
  • Exercise frequentlyWriter’s block can occur as a result of being inactive. Ensure that you exercise on a regular basis as it will help you stay fresh.
  • Take a break from writing – At times, writer’s block arises from spending more time on writing. We recommend that you take a break, for instance, a whole day or two. Go out; visit your friends, relatives, or something. Ensure that you have fun. Afterward, you’ll feel refreshed and you’ll get your mojo back.

Expression of Words

Many of us grapple with the expression of words and thus think we can’t be successful in writing. We end up feeling mortified because we think that we don’t meet the criteria of being a writer.

What can you do to address this issue?

Don’t be scared of writing in the presence of qualified people. Make mistakes so that they can be rectified. Moreover, we recommend that you associate with people who are well conversant with the English language. Eventually, you’ll notice that your grasp of the language will improve.

Furthermore, you should read and write more often. Read articles that concentrate on helping people to become better writers, read books devoted to writers and spend more time writing.

Not Having Enough Confidence

It’s one of the worst problems that a writer can face. I know that at some point you’ve experienced it. It doesn’t matter how experienced you are. Confidence isn’t just about knowing your stuff; it’s also about demanding what you’re worth. When you’re confident about what you can do, you won’t just agree to any payment. You’ll ask for what you think will match your value because you know exactly what you’ll bring to the table.

One main factor that results in someone lacking confidence is fear. Many writers are afraid and usually have a lot of “what if” questions. For instance, what if this is the only client I’ll land in a while? What if my service won’t be appreciated? What if my article doesn’t result in enough sales? All these questions can be very baffling. You might end up making a lot of bad choices if you’re not extra careful. What is the solution to this problem?

The main thing you can do is to remind yourself that other opportunities will arise. Doing this will increase your confidence. Confidence is something that is within. It has nothing to do with your reputation or skills and is sometimes all that is required for you to be successful in your endeavors.

Accessing Clients

Getting access to clients is most likely the main challenge that most writers deal with. Many people believe that they possess the necessary skills but just can’t seem to land the ideal clients. Most writers want access to the caliber of clients that will pay them what they are worth.

The solutions to this problem? There’re several techniques that you can make use of to get clients who are willing to pay you what you deserve:

  • Try to find a Service Few People Can Offer – If there’s a service that can be offered by many people, the chances of a client hiring you reduce. In the event the client does, chances are that you won’t be treated well. Therefore, your main objective should be to be indispensable. The more important you are to a client’s success, and the fewer people who can provide the same service; the greater your chances of succeeding. However, it takes effort and time. Eventually, you will get enough clients and be remunerated what you’re worth.
  • Try to find clients who require your service – Secondly, you need to come up with a list of organizations or people that will require your service. Ensure the list is as broad as possible and only assemble names of people whose values match yours. Making contact with many businesses that offer the right package will lead to you having enough clients and the opportunity to negotiate for better deals.
  • Contact them to inform them on How You can assist Them – Do not communicate with clients by informing them how many articles you can write on a monthly basis. Instead, let them know how your skills and experiences have assisted other businesses and which methods you will employ to deliver results.

Emotional Breakdown

Emotional breakdown happens most times, especially when you begin to have doubts and can’t get yourself to write something. It mostly occurs as a result of being criticized by someone else. You might be having that feeling that you lack something. You need to realize that it’s not a real thing – it’s just a feeling! So what do you have to do to circumvent this problem? We recommend you do the following:

  • Be around good people who will encourage you
  • Eat healthy
  • Read articles and books dedicated to personal development
  • Put more effort in improving your self-confidence
  • Exercise on a daily basis
  • Consider all criticisms leveled at you but don’t let them get to you


There you have it. If you happen to encounter any of the above drawbacks, you will be able to deal with them by implementing the solutions we’ve provided. If you still have some problems with essay writing, you can seek the help of professionals offering cheap essay writing services online. All the best with your essay writing!

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