5 Quick Tips To Boost Your SEO In 2017

2 May 2017

Have you ever wondered on what ways you can boost your SEO? If you have then you have come to the right place as this article will detail how you can quickly boost your SEO practices. Traffic that holds value is usually yielded as a result of organic searches and a good SEO campaign in place will help you leverage it to its maximum. Read on to find how to give your SEO campaign nudge.

1.      Add value

It may be the simplest thing to do but a decent content can bring value to the table. The content shouldn’t be just there for the sake of it instead it should be relevant to your target audience. In addition to quality content, it is essential that you must know your audience as well.

The content should be able to serve as a takeaway for your visitors. That is the only way your site will rank higher in search results because the audience will be able to find relevant information therein. A quick fix is by scrutinizing your current content and look for most trending topics. Also, if you know your audience well, you will be able to address their queries.

Know how to create timely content in order to beat your rivals. Be brave and do not shy away from experimenting in other niches. But by venturing into other niches does not mean you forget about your target audience since they are integral to your business and you must keep their preference in mind, at all times.

2.      Facilitate the browsing experience

UX or user experience is critical in SEO. Therefore, it is essential that you test your site for traffic as to how it will impact when visitors will start to pour in. Heck, according to one study it is said that user experience even begins before the visitors actually land on your website – meaning visibility in search engine results (up to 93%).

But with minor tweaks, you can capitalize on user experience. Test your site’s link and look for broken links so as to reduce errors. Create appealing content for the user as well as for search engines will ensure readability and crawlability. Navigation should be seamless. Above all, test a page’s load time because speed matters and remove and heavy images/excessive scripts.

3.      Invest more time in your content

I know there is the continuous talk of content but it is because the content is king! From 2016 onwards search engines are concentrating on content more than ever as opposed to its optimization. So make sure your content is appealing and only then spend time optimizing it.

Keep the keywords in check, monitor site’s statistics, and what is the level of engagement of users on your website. These will help you decipher the expectations visitors have from your website. Moreover, devise ways to expand your content and think like a reader. Remember to complement content with stellar UX.

4.      Keep your online footprint up-to-date

The online presence goes beyond the scope of a mere website. The online presence also called our online footprint and as we progress onwards, we tend to forget what are we leaving behind and how it will affect other platforms online. We don’t follow up whereas we should be worried how each platform is projecting us.

One way to ensure that everything is the way we want it to be is by staying in the game by updating them on a regular basis. Does not matter if that particular forum is no longer in your use or not used by you very avidly but maintaining an up-to-date presence as if it were still in use, is key.

For example, your Google+ page is rarely used and as a result, you rarely share content over there but if your business has evolved or your contact details are changed, is it showing there? Accurate details of the business, are thus, important on every social media profile you have been maintaining previously.

A good way is to mark your calendar and check once a month if information on all your channels is updated.

5.      Optimize visual content

You can hardly argue with the need for an optimized visual content. Coupled with great content, visuals can do wonders for your business and positively influence your SEO. Hence, think very carefully about the titles you choose to go with on your website. Ensure addition of text, metadata, and keywords. It is also imperative that you keep an eye out for the image’s file size.

In addition to above, you can play around by creating video transcripts so that your content is discovered online with relative ease by search engines. Host a video to your own website. In all of this, never forget to maintain your uniqueness which speaks about the personality of your brand and makes your visual content marketable.

Author Bio: Dominic Lester is a digital marketing expert and specializes in SEO. He loves to blog and writes to educate his readers on SEO and SEM domains. You can contact him for Help with Coursework at Pro-academic.co.uk by following him via his Twitter handle.

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