Why Game Addictions Can Happen So Easily?

11 Feb 2017

Game addictions can happen to children and adults. This can happen due to the proliferation of gaming platforms. Using game consoles and computers will require us to stay at home and play for hours. But the availability of mobile games has allowed many people to play games much more easily. They could simply sit in the park and spend hours playing games under the tree. For decades, video games already become a significant part of the modern society. It’s a common method of diversion. After a whole week of studying and working, people may want to isolate themselves in a world. Games can be so exciting that they want to reach the next level in the game. Games typically offer a degree of achievements and people could be eager to obtain them. The arrival of MMORPG has made gaming very appealing. These games are available in many platforms, such as consoles, personal computers and mobile devices. In general, people are playing games too much, if they spend more than two hours each day.

World of Warcraft is often blamed for addiction problems among gamers. However, there are thousands of other online games out there. With a low-cost smartphone, it is possible to download MMORPG games for free and they can play immediately. While gaming addictions are still not considered as critical mental issues among health professionals, they could become the start to many new problems. An alarming number of people start to experience bad effects of gaming addictions. We should be aware that games are designed to be highly appealing and addictive. So, eventually people would get addicted after playing games for a long period of time. If parents allow their kids to play games, it is important to make sure that children are resistant enough to risk of gaming addictions. Adults should also be more conscious when they seem to have higher likelihood of getting addicted to games. This could happen when they become so motivated to beat a high score.

It is important to be aware that more and more games will be released, giving us so many options. Once we complete a game, two or three games in the same genre have been released recently. Worse, many MMORPGs are designed to never end. New content and patches will be added, encouraging people to play again and again. Due to online peer pressure, people will find it harder to leave their hard-earned achievements in MMORPG, For people who are easily bored, MMORPG could represent a huge addiction risk. There should be early symptoms of game addictions, such as spending so much time playing games. There could also be noticeable changes in eating pattern and people could also have sleep disruptions. It’s easy for people to become preoccupied with games and they tend to fantasize more than usual. It is important for people to be able to stay away from computer screens when they are told to do so. This will show that they have the willingness to detach from games and other digital diversions.

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