How to Safely Transport Your Car?

7 Feb 2017

There are many different ways to prepare our car for transportation to a distant place. As an example, we should consult the mechanic on how to prepare our car. There should be enough fuel inside the car to allow operators to drive the car to different locations. The car may need to be driven in short distances between storage facility and to trucks or ships. Ther fluids will also need to be checked. The oil level should be based on the standards. You don’t want the car to overheat and this could cause a series of problems during the transportation process. The battery should also be properly charged and it would be really troublesome if the car refuses to start during the transportation process. There are tools that can help to determine whether the battery still has good performance. If the battery seems to go bad or already performs poorly, we should consider replacing it with a new one.

No car is perfect and no matter how we maintain it, there could be scratches, dings and dents. Even in an enclosed space in cargo ships and trucks, heaving ships and bumpy roads could cause dents when the surface of the car bumps agains something. During the transportation process, there could also be debris that can cause problems on the surface of the car. In an enclosed cargo space inside the ship, exhaust fumes could cause oily surface on the car and this is something that we need to consider. The car would need to be washed, because oily dust film could already accummulate on the surface of the car. Some car transportation services could be located far from our house. It means that we should consider whether we it is better to get our car picked up or whether we could simply drop it. There could be additional cost if the car is picked up from our house. So, it is important to ask the car transportation service whether the cost of getting our car picked up will be quite significant.

The car transportation service should also have a tracking system that can be accessed by customers through the Internet. GPS equipment can be placed inside the car; so we will know where’s the exact location. Whether the car is still in the middle of the ocean, far from the nearest islands; we could still know about its current location. The big truck itself could also have embedded GPS system, so it’s location could also be determined. Despite all the tracking systems, it is important that the car transportation service provides a good detail about the arrival of the car to the destination. There should be an exact date of arrival, so we will be prepared to pick the car up. When the car finally arrives, we should make sure that it is still in perfect condition. Check carefully for any kind bumps, dents and scratches that could be caused by improper transportation process. There should be guarantees on what the service will do if our car is damaged during the transportation process.

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