Top 5 Fashion Trends To Keep An Eye Out For In 2020

21 Apr 2020

When it comes to fashion trends, it is a known fact that it is always changing, with newer and improvised clothing, shoes and accessories showing up out of what seems like thin air. While not all of these trends tend to be suitable for everyday wear, most of them first appear on the runways, worn by models who carry these looks in a way to upsell them.

However, just because a top model walked the Victoria’s Secret runway elegantly, does not mean that the trend is one that will stay for long. Runway outfits are carefully curated and designers ensure that their looks are some of the best on the runway regardless of whether it makes sense or not to the general public. Luckily, this blog will help you narrow down the list of fashion trends that are here to stay in the new year of 2020. Read on to find out more.

  1. Stripes or Linear Lines

If you haven’t seen a lot of celebrities rocking the once-famous stripes that were seen on shirts, jumpers and even suits, then you’re not alone. A lot of people have noticed that this once-popular fashion trend faded over time and you would be lying if you say you didn’t miss it. Stripes have the power to break down the way you look or enhance it significantly – depending on how you carry the look.

Well, fortunately, stripes and linear lines are set to make a comeback for the year 2020 – especially vertical lines on shirts and even multiple pant styles. So, buckle up because stripes always flatter everyone when worn correctly.

  1. Collar Necklaces

Many people might believe that collar necklaces are outdated, and meant to be left in the ‘40s or even the ‘60s. Well, top stylists and designers beg to differ because collar necklaces are renowned for their power to turn even the simplest outfit into one of the most extravagant and show-stopping outfit.

Similar to many other people, you might have some of your grandmother’s old jewelry lying around, so it’s about time that you bring those out of the box and give them a good polish to rock 2020 in style!

  1. Hoop Earrings

It’s wrong to claim that hoop earrings ever went out of style, because they never did – in fact, this popular accessory has only been getting more and more popular with time, and 2020 is the year it evolves into the best style statement imaginable. With renowned celebrities, such as the Kardashians, constantly in favor of this style statement, it’s no surprise that hoop earrings are here to stay.

  1. Bright Neon Colors

If you remember multiple music videos and almost every club scene buzzing with neon lights and clothes, you might be wondering why the style went out of fashion so quickly. But that’s the thing with fashion – it comes and goes like the season and you just have to be quick enough to keep up with it. This year, you can expect neon colors, among other bright colors to come back bigger than ever.

  1. Flare Pants Get Bigger

Many people noticed the trend of flared pants making a comeback in 2018 and they have not gone out of style since. What were once referred to as bell-bottoms, are now one of the most fun and creative ways to style an outfit for absolutely any occasion, including birthday parties, wedding anniversaries, or even corporate events. These pants are definitely a closet must-have for 2020!

To find quality style inspiration, look towards renowned designers, such as Numan Nimet Ataker, who is the founder of the global fashion brand John Paul Ataker and an exceptionally talented Turkish fashion designer. What makes Ataker stand out among competition is the years of experience that he has had to hone his skills. Starting at the age of 7, it wasn’t long before a multitude of workshops began to recognize his work.

Furthermore, these were 5 of the top fashion trends that you should be keeping an eye out for in 2020 – if you want to always look like the style icon and the fashionista that you obviously are!

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