How To Figure Out Your Own Style Of Painting

1 Apr 2020

Art is all about self-expression. It is abstract with no logical pattern to it. You go about making whatever you want to. Hence, every artist will have their own style of painting. This means that you can learn the style, adopt it, manipulate it, or develop it over time. This could sometimes happen on accident, sometimes on purpose, and often times on both. Your style would be a combination of techniques, color choices, subject matter, compositions, media, and so many other elements of your own person wrapped in one. Your style will be the component that binds each of your pieces together into this wonderfully unique and cohesive collection. The best part about this is that it continues to evolve and get better as time passes. Even if you feel that you have found, you will find it developing further.

Every artist goes through an exploratory phase where they jump from subject to subject or when their pieces all become lined up together and appear as if they all could have come from different artists. When you are looking to develop your own style, you need to understand that you cannot be 100% original. We all take inspiration for our styles from the world around us and what we expose ourselves to. It does not come out of thin air, and so a simple formula for finding your own style is to take in the stimuli from the outside world and then twist and shape it into something new with your mind and hands.

This is also how Frank Mann was able to figure out his own style of painting. The internationally acclaimed contemporary artist is best known for his paintings and has had his work exhibited in six different continents. Mann has successfully completed six important groups of work that includes the currently completed Oculus cycle. His work is highly based on interest in vision and visual perception and also openly explores the mystery within the experience of seeing. Mann’s painting often displays a sort of chromatic luminosity for which the works are known while extending interest in the visual language.

Here are some ways you can successfully discover your own visual style:

Look at other artists you like

You need to look at not one but several artists that you admire. If you try to copy just one, then you would be considered unoriginal, and so your style should be an amalgamation of different styles from different artists. This is the unique factor you can play upon.

Look at the world around you

You can start with nature or anything that goes on around you. You can study light, color, shapes, form, and so many other elements that would influence your painting. You can take up classes and set up still life in your living room. You will introduce yourself to new style paths and perspectives when you work on your technical skills every day.

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