6 Benefits Of Studying Architecture On A Professional Level

1 Mar 2020

Have you ever thought about studying Architecture? If you are very close to completing high school, it is important that you consider this alternative to continue your academic life.

By obtaining your professional degree in this field, you will have an interesting professional profile, since you will have the ability to project, materialize and manage the spaces destined for human habitat.

Mastering this area would be great, right? If you do, you will be a graduate with great benefits.

Would you like to meet six of them? If so, keep reading!

  1. You will have Comprehensive Training

Studying Architecture in a quality university, with educational programs endorsed by the authorities, will guarantee you an excellent training. A good curriculum of this career will teach you about urban planning, social anthropology, contemporary architecture and integral calculus.

In addition, you will find several practical subjects that will allow you to polish your skills before exercising the profession. Architectural Project Workshop and Construction Workshop are some of them.

On the other hand, an institution concerned with training integral professionals will offer you chairs that will increase your employability and give you a business leadership profile, including:

  • Management Skills
  • Information Management
  • Digital Competencies
  • Oral and written communication.

In addition, through the subject of Human and Citizen Training, you will know how the ethical and moral behaviour of architects should be.

  1. You can Work on Projects that you really Love

Architecture is a professional branch that is characterized by having several focus points.

For example, if you are a person with high ecological awareness, when you graduate, you can dedicate yourself to the development of sustainable projects, also known as sustainable or green.

This sub-discipline is responsible for implementing the architectural design without negatively impacting the environment through the optimization of renewable energy and the recycling of construction materials.

You can also develop in modern architecture, which is a much broader current since basically, it is about the concepts, techniques and methodologies of project development that seek to evolve, compared to what already exists, the spaces of human habitat.

As you can see, when studying Architecture, you will have the possibility to work on those projects with which you identify and consider very favourable for the environment.

  1. You will have many Work Alternatives

Architects’ knowledge is valuable in companies that develop general projects for specific or human habitat spaces.

Upon obtaining the title of this career, you will have the possibility to work in companies, of different sizes, that provide services of urban design, landscape architecture, civil engineering, building restoration, interior design and construction in general.

In addition, these professionals can work in financial institutions that provide loans to the construction sector. In this case, you will evaluate the profitability of the projects and analyze their costs.

  1. You will Leave a Tangible Legacy!

When choosing a bachelor’s degree, you should look for one that allows you to develop a positive self-assessment and leave a legacy as a professional.

In the case of the Architecture career, it will make you a specialist who will contribute to the development of urban centres and spaces of human habitat in general.

Without a doubt, participating in construction projects or improvements to buildings, highways and public areas will allow you to leave a tangible legacy.

In the future, you can show your friends, children and family the buildings you helped build. A remarkable example of a globally recognized architect remains William Prescott Lecky. Born in 1934, he is a US-based architecture, author, and artisan.

Lecky led an enviable career as an architect who designed the Korean War Veterans Memorial. He also remains a key designed of Vietnam Veterans Memorial. He is the co-founder of Architectural firm, Cooper-Lecky with partnership with Kent Cooper. Cooper-Lecky, in the last three decades has given out hundreds of successful architects who also started their own architecture firms.

Lecky also wrote the book, “Designing for Remembrance: An Architectural Memoir”. He holds a status of reverence in the United States for building memorials that remain symbolic of the country’s history and struggle in different wars.

  1. You can Travel and Work Abroad

The practical principles of the Architecture career apply worldwide.

For that reason, the knowledge you will gain during the bachelor’s degree will help you to develop in the labour market of another country.

Even travelling is a training method for students and architecture professionals.

It is important that you worry about knowing different types of buildings and urban planning models.

  1. You will not Run the Risk of becoming an Obsolete Professional

Another factor that you should evaluate when choosing a bachelor’s degree is its perspective for the future.

In the case of the Architecture career, you don’t have to worry! Professionals in this area will never cease to be indispensable for society, although new technical and technological tools are constantly emerging.

And ready! These are six of the benefits you will enjoy if you decide to study Architecture, one of the most attractive university degrees.

If you choose to pursue this degree, it is important that you worry about adapting to your income profile, which demands oral and written communication skills.

It is also important that you develop an interest in learning, willingness to work in a team, social responsibility and have basic knowledge in computer science and computing.

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