Career In Photography: The Good & The Bad

23 Feb 2020

Today, the world has a vast variety of options when it comes to careers. Not only are these options extensive, but each career option pays a good enough amount to ensure that you manage to live a life that not only pays well but can also be fun and interactive for a plethora of reasons. However, when people consider career options, such as photography, they might assume that it would not pay as well as other career options. This is one of the main reason why this option is often a secondary one.

Nevertheless, this can be a rather high paying career option, especially if there is a possibility of the candidate approaching photography in the media or in other similar industries that pay high. Even then, there are plenty of skills that are needed in order to become a professional photographer. Not to mention, in order to get seen or approached by industries, you must have an impressive portfolio.

Thus, here are some things that you should know about having a career in photography:

Educational Factors

Many people assume that in order to become famous photographers, they must consider doing a degree in photography before they can even consider themselves as a professional photographer. However, this is not the case. Ivan Wong, who is one of the best photographers having photographed for Audi and MVMT, graduated in Aerospace Engineering and Business Administration.

Ivan Wong only had a passion for photography, and having followed it, he is now one of the most renowned photographers. His website is his portfolio and his work is rather impressive. So, if you want to become a photographer but do not have a degree in the subject, you can still be a photographer.

Skills Needed

As with all other career options, you do need a strong set of skills in order to become a professional photographer. After all, what is a photographer without any skills to back it up? Thus, here are some skills that you should have as a photographer:

  • Vision – It goes without saying that in order to become a photographer, you must have a strong vision and an eye for beauty and things. Even if the subject you are capturing is a simple flower, you must have the vision to ensure that you capture the beauty in such a way that it stands out.
  • Technical Skills – Technical skills are necessary in order to become a good photographer since you will be required to not only operate the camera and understands the technical aspects of it, but you will also be expected to be familiarize with other photography software.
  • Business Skills – You will be expected to know how to run the administrative aspects of becoming a photographer, regardless of whether you work with a company or without. Factors, such as marketing, pricing, etc., all fall into this category.
  • Communication – In your photography career, one of the main things that you should be focusing on is maintaining client relationships. Not only will this aspect be in charge of the amount you will be able to generate through clients, but you will also be responsible for getting your name across.


Similar to any other job, photography will also require you to be a responsible individual and you will have certain job responsibilities that you must be capable of handling under any circumstances. These can include being in charge of selecting camera equipment, preparing locations, knowing the angles, dealing with images and styles that clients ask for, etc. If you are good at fulfilling your responsibilities, then you might be able to pick up a larger paycheck for your services. However, if you prove to be irresponsible, then you might not be able to earn a lot from your career as a photographer.

All in all, you should always be wise in making a career decision, but you can always pursue this as a hobby if you already have a career. However, you will still have to ensure that you bring effort to the table and are capable of being dedicated to the project that is offered to you. So, choose wisely and you shall definitely succeed in your endeavor.

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