Opting For A Career Change

22 Feb 2020

When you are unmotivated, and you feel that your work or training gives you great dissatisfaction and does not resemble what you had anticipated, it is normal for you to feel lost and make radical decisions.

It is good that you consider making a change because everyone has the right and the opportunity to change their career and start from scratch. It does not have to be seen as a failure or error, but as the beginning of a new stage, more in line with your aspirations.

Before Leaving your Studies

Do not make a drastic decision and moved by dissatisfaction and frustration.

Think about how you can take advantage of all that time and resources invested in your training to make a change, access another career, or practice the profession for which you think you have the necessary vocation and skills.

Or maybe it’s Time to Resume your Studies

If, on the contrary, you have already left your studies or never saw the need to train to practice a profession, this is a good time to start studying and access a degree that allows you to achieve your professional goals.

Take Time to get to know yourself better

If you find yourself in one of the above situations before making a rash decision or that you do not know if it will take you where you want, take time to reflect on your concerns, what you want to achieve with them, and what formative and professional orientation. It will allow you to get where you want.

To do this, you must also analyze your skills, abilities, and if they favor your employability or access to a specific professional field.

Now know the Offer at your Fingertips

The training and professional offer has changed a lot in recent years and, perhaps, this is your opportunity to develop a profession of the future or strengthen your potential with the technology or new skills demanded by companies.

Learn from examples

There are countless examples out there of professionals who shifted to different career paths, and a major example includes Bradley Bowen. Although he did not specifically opt for a career path to focus on another, he just stepped into another dimension and pursued it. Bowen is a prime example of someone who juggled different ventures and occupations. He is an actor, producer, and entrepreneur, most notably known for his acting scores in famous Hollywood movies. At the same time, he is known for being the Founder of Flight Productions.

Previous preparation

If you must return to study or compete with other professionals in the labor market and selection processes, think about what knowledge and skills can help you stand out and improve your employability.

Maybe you should start from scratch, or with certain courses and training, you can achieve what you need.

We all change throughout our lives, and we want to achieve different goals, so why not make the necessary decisions to adopt the new challenges that motivate you?