Building Your Professional Career – 3 Key Strategies

15 Feb 2020

The millennial generation has before it a wide range of professional options, a product of the growing technological possibilities. This new reality, which enables very diverse job opportunities, also causes doubt among the new generations, which do not usually have a clear career goal that guides them towards a successful career.

This lack of professional direction affects the search for employment, as well as the development of working life, generating dissatisfaction, and a constant desire to find new opportunities. The solution to this must begin with the definition of desires and needs, which will help set a course for which to design actions and attitudes that clear indecision and design an effective career plan.

  1. Discover your vocation and guide your career

Setting a professional goal necessarily involves finding a vocation strong enough to guide the person, both for their training and for the development of attitudes. This process can be complex and confusing, especially for the youngest. In order to simplify this process, it is advisable to invest time in self-knowledge and the detection of opportunities, which can be ordered in four phases:

  • Recognition of skills: It is also essential to find those qualities in which professionals stand out, which will facilitate the good performance of the employee in one area or another. Once detected, the aspects related to tastes and hobbies must be identified in order to find a starting point.
  • Opportunity detection: Once recognition of skills has been completed, revealing the differential value that could be contributed to any organization, the next step is to analyze and take into account market and consumer trends (technologies, structural, cultural changes, etc.). After this, you can find that area where you can have a greater impact.
  • Differentiation: After having successfully completed the previous stages, the candidate will already have a sector to focus on. In that area, it is very likely that competition already exists and, therefore, should be analyzed. In this way, you can detect your weaknesses and thus find valuable elements to differentiate yourself.

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  1. Three steps from the desired job!

In addition to not being clear about their vocation, another challenge facing millennials is not knowing what kind of professional career they want. This task is not simply to select the sector, but it is also important to consider the way of working that best suits the characteristics and needs of the person. In this regard, it may be useful to ask certain questions:

  • Knowing the type of life desired: A frequent mistake when looking for a job is to condition personal life to the professional, when the idea is to find a balance between the two. To achieve this, the first step is to take into account your own vital project and thus choose the most appropriate characteristics of the work to which you aspire (fixed schedules, flexibility, geographical mobility, teleworking, etc.).
  • Accept new challenges: The search for job stability can sometimes cause the employee to give up opportunities that would boost their career. To avoid this possible stagnation, the worker must be open to new proposals that can bring benefits to a professional and personal level. Either through formulas such as an internal promotion or greater participation within the working group.
  • Maintain your own criteria: It is very common for a professional to constantly receive advice and assessments of their environment on how to face their career. Taking into account different points of view can be valuable in making certain decisions, but the definition must be an internal process, which always takes into account the objectives set in the long and short term.
  1. How to create a network of contacts that boost your career

When the desired professional path is clear, it is time to establish relationships around it, something that can facilitate the creation of job opportunities in the future. That makes networking more important than ever; that is, create a network of contacts that can provide recommendations and increase employability. Starting from scratch may seem complicated, but the process can be simplified, taking into account tips like these:

  • Build opportunities with close contacts: On many occasions, it is not necessary to go far to find potential professional links, because they can arise with people from the environment (fellow students, family, friends, neighbors, etc.). Especially the former is usually more related to the sector in which employment is expected, which contributes to the creation of two-way relationships that constitute a first network in which everyone benefits.
  • Optimize social networks: The Internet facilitates the possibilities to make yourself known and connect with people from all over the world. The multiple online platforms that exist make it possible to massively visualize and disseminate the personal brand, the key to improving employability. Although for the projected professional image to be effective, it must be maintained carefully and updated, being key to attracting new contacts or reinforcing existing ones.
  • Attending related events: Numerous acts or thematic conferences constitute a great opportunity to establish enriching relationships. After completion, it is a good time to show interest in the issues discussed and share them with the speakers and attendees. This facilitates the task of becoming known and entering any community.

Investing more time in self-knowledge, opportunity analysis, and the creation of a network of contacts is essential in this regard, assuming a great boost to gain a competitive advantage and build a successful career.

Job seekers can build beneficial relationships with recruitment experts who can offer credible insights regarding career opportunities and career insights. This is exactly where Vitaver and Associates, Inc. play a prominent role.

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