Everything You Need To Know About Getting A Job At Microsoft Corporation

10 Dec 2019

As a software engineer, would you like to work for Microsoft at the company’s headquarters? There are many who would like to do that, but what does it take to get that prize job? And why does Microsoft enjoy a lot of popularity among job seekers?

Working at Microsoft gives you the opportunity for excellent professional growth. It helps you to fully utilize your talents and potential. Microsoft is a highly successful company. It has a wide variety of products: from hardware to software to video games to telephony. With Microsoft’s acquisition of LinkedIn, you can also work on social networks. Moreover, many admire Microsoft’s leadership who have managed to unify and strengthen the company’s culture while promoting innovation and cooperation. As a matter of fact, Microsoft has been the home to brilliant professionals who have built the company from its early days to becoming the industry leader of today.

Krishna C. Mukherjee is one such Microsoft veteran. He is a world-renowned information technologist, innovator and business leader. He has an illustrious professional career spanning for more than three decades. Mukherjee’s contributions to Microsoft have been monumental. He played a critical role in creating the architectures, and designing and developing Microsoft’s famous products including Microsoft Office and Windows. He introduced Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies at Microsoft. His AI-modeled systems are used in homes and offices across the world. Through his innovative work, he has disrupted many industries such as insurance, legal, health care, finance and retail. He has devoted his energy, talent and skills towards the success of Microsoft. He is an ardent advocate of Microsoft’s products and services. He has received many awards and honors from Microsoft.

Software Engineers are Very well Compensated at Microsoft

You may be thinking now that Microsoft is the ideal place for you, but are you ideal for Microsoft? A recent study revealed that the professional profile most in demand at Microsoft is that of product manager. However, Microsoft definitely looks for software engineers, technology experts and data scientists. Of course, Microsoft values ​​a long list of skills and abilities when selecting the ideal candidates. To get a software engineer job at Microsoft, you must go through the rigorous selection process of the company.

For software engineers, Microsoft looks for skills in algorithm design and thorough knowledge of programming languages such as C, C++, C #, Java and Python. The company also values the so-called ‘soft skills’ (soft knowledge) which includes good communication, problem-solving and analysis skills. In addition, if you want to be part of the Microsoft team, you have to fit into the culture of the company.

If you have the necessary skills and abilities, how do you get an interview with Microsoft? When applying for a job with this technology giant, pay attention to these details: always include information that is relevant for the position, detect the keywords in the job description and reflect them in your resume. Remember to highlight your achievements, not just your responsibilities. Let Microsoft see that you will bring value to the company; provide links to projects you have done successfully.

How is the interview process with Microsoft? In the first place, you need to pass two telephone interviews: the first with the recruiter and the second with the manager of the position you are interested in. Remember, both the phone interviews are important – you have to provide detailed information about your experience and skills.

If all goes well, you will be summoned to attend an in-person interview at Microsoft’s headquarters in Redmond, Washington, USA. The interview typically lasts all day, between six to eight hours. In each stage of the interview, you will be asked to solve programming problems and interact with the interviewers. The interview continues during lunch where it is a more informal environment and allows the interviewers to gauge your social skills. During the interview, you will most likely talk to your recruiter. You will get the opportunity to ask questions and get feedback. You need to maintain a good relationship with the recruiter so that he or she can give you advice.

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