Different Types Of Earphones/Headphones

9 Dec 2019

If you are here, it is because you want to buy some headphones and among all the types of headphones that exist, you do not know which one to choose. Therefore, we have prepared this guide for you to help you choose headphones that fit your needs. Nowadays, technology offers us so many possibilities that there are headphones in many ways and with different functionalities.

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In-ear Headphones

They are usually wired headphones. But, they also exist without cable, that is, wireless headphones. But we will talk about these later.

The in-ear headset is a type of helmet with good value for money. They are widely used by music lovers who are looking for maximum portability and lightness even if they have to sacrifice some quality.

It is the smallest type of headset. Thanks to their size, they seal your ear canal so that no external noise sneaks into your ears. But there are other types of headphones more effective in terms of reducing external noise.

When placed inside the ear canal, these headphones are widely used for sports. However, the manufacturers decided to create a special type of in-ear headset with a clip or hook, to prevent athletes from dropping all the time.

On-ear Headphones 

Also known as supra-aural headphones, this type of headset is above the ears. It presents a comfortable fit, designed to listen to music while walking, to be at home, or to play sports.

The on-ear headphones have a closed back. They can be used both inside and out. They are lighter, causing less strain on your ears and neck.

With regard to sound quality, it is not as good when compared to the rest, because this type of helmet does not offer good noise cancellation. In fact, if used outdoors, you might not experience the kind of bass you expected the headphones to deliver.

Over-ear Headphones

This type of headset is the one that covers the ear completely. They are great compared to the two types of headphones mentioned above. Thanks to the coating, the noise cancellation is of high quality. They are made to be used only at home or in professional studies, since, by increasing the quality, it also increases its price and its size.

Some over-ear headphones require an amplifier to realize its full potential. They are very comfortable to spend time with them sitting on a chair or sofa. The diaphragm is far from the ear canal and is padded, unlike the on-ear headphones.

However, their weight is not the most attractive of them. If used for a long time, they can cause neck pain. Its quality is audio is unbeatable, since it creates a space where the sound is reflected naturally.

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