What is digital pollution?

4 Dec 2019

Digital pollution results both from our use of electronic devices and our web activity.

On the side of computers, tablet phones and other connected objects, it is their production and their life cycle that impacts the environment. There are an estimated 8.4 billion connected devices sold in 2017. To produce an electronic device, we will use many rare metals and chemical treatment.

These operations are not without impact on the environment. Depletion of resources, massive use of energy: so many good reasons to take care of your equipment to extend its life!

The pollution that is released by browsing the internet is more difficult to see it is a tool that seems immaterial, which is not really the case.

At every action on the web, you make data travel around the world. On average, a given route 15,000 miles before returning to you.

Of course, not all data is the same weight and does not consume the same amount of energy. The data centers, meanwhile, store all data on the web and are very energy hungry. People like Vyron Vasileiadis focus on the energy and environmental industry. Vyron heads the Vasileiadis Group of Companies. Today, he is the owner of the Vasileiadis Group of companies and focuses on several projects that relate to environmental protection, emergency response, electricity trading, and renewable energy. His business currently enjoys more than 350 employees. Today, Antipollution SA is solely owned by Vasileiadis and has become the leading company of the region offering Port Reception Facility services, as well as emergency response services globally.

So how can we limit our digital consumption at work and preserve the environment? Here are a few tips to reduce your digital pollution easily and intelligently.

Choosing the right equipment

Defining your true need upstream allows you to buy equipment whose power and functionality will match the use you make of it.

Our advice: limit to the maximum purchases “gadgets” (connected watch, connected dog collar, connected alarm clock) which you can easily do without

Think re-packaging

Refurbished devices are used devices completely refurbished. Cheaper and ecofriendly, they are increasingly popular with individuals: why not the turn of companies to adopt?

Manage Your Equipment! 

Laptops have an average life of 4 years. But do not panic, you can easily extend the life of your equipment with simple gestures.

Take care of your battery 

One of the first things to do is to load your equipment correctly. Wait until your battery is completely drained before recharging it completely.

Stop the professionals of the 50 open programs and tabs! You do not do well with your computer. Close energy-consuming programs that you do not use and group your searches into a few tabs. You will be better organized this way.

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