Secrets of Successful People

12 Nov 2019

Successful people have traits that have made them who they are today. Anyone who desires to become successful needs to learn from these people. A successful person, whether he or she be a scientist or engineer or doctor or lawyer or teacher or entrepreneur, has done his or her work in a certain way that is unparalleled. Many of us would like to decipher the secrets that make these successful persons the very best in their professions. In fact, we all wish to excel in our own professions because it means a lot of benefits for us. One of the biggest benefits is having many job opportunities. This enables us to contribute to diverse sectors of the economy and society. When someone is a well-known expert in his or her field, he or she is pursued by top-tier organizations in various industries to work for them. He or she can show their versatility and contribute in many different ways.

Krishna C. Mukherjee is a multi-faceted expert. He has an illustrious professional career spanning for more than three decades. He displayed passion for computers and information technology from a young age. This passion was evident when he was a student at the prestigious Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs). Reputed organizations approached him with prestigious employment offers. Microsoft recruited him from IIT Kanpur when he was completing his Master’s degree in Computer Science and Engineering. He was given the responsibility of creating the architecture, designing and developing software products. He accepted Microsoft’s offer. In 1988, soon after completing graduation at the top of his class, Mukherjee joined Microsoft at the company’s headquarters in Redmond, Washington, USA. He served as principal software architect and engineer. He played a vital role in building Microsoft’s famous products, including Microsoft Office and Windows. Subsequently, he used Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology to transform the legal, insurance, finance, health care and retail industries. In the late 1990s, he introduced the Software as a Service (SaaS) model for performing business transactions on the cloud. He served in senior leadership and executive positions for the global organizations: Wolters Kluwer, Citadel, Bloomberg and UBS.

Krishna C. Mukherjee has a wide range of achievements from bringing computing to homes and offices to pioneering AI and automation to advancing financial and health care technologies to creating sophisticated payment services to implementing omni-channel retailing. His work has improved the lives of billions of people worldwide. He received many academic and professional awards for his outstanding accomplishments.

Krishna C. Mukherjee has many personality traits that are worth emulating. Perhaps the three most important of his personality traits are honesty, gratitude and adaptability.


People who are successful act and communicate truthfully, free from deceit and fraud. This sounds so obvious that one may wonder why it needs to be explicitly stated. Unfortunately, with time, honesty has become a rare commodity. According to Robert B. Cialdini’s research, taking responsibility for our mistakes and failures is not just relatively smart, but also financially savvy. Another study discovered that companies, where the employees are encouraged to be honest about their mistakes and communicate openly, enjoy higher profits. The workforce needs to appreciate the value of honesty.


Our perspectives tend to be biased more towards the negative aspects of the results of our actions. We do not realize that if we are not grateful for the things we already have, we will not have the motivation to aspire for better things in life. We often tend to think of gratitude as a spontaneous emotion or as a feeling that comes to us when we experience a moment of triumph and success. In reality, gratitude is not a sudden feeling of elation; it is a virtue that we have to develop over time.


Adaptability is the ability to adjust easily and effectively to change. It is being open to modifying our attitudes and behaviors to meet the demands of the situations at hand. Adaptability is about being flexible, versatile and resilient. Success is not about how we avoid failures. Instead, it is about how we learn from our failures. Successful professionals have the foresight to figure out what can go wrong. Nevertheless, they stick to their goals and do not give up at any cost. This determination and adaptability differentiate the successful from others.

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