Musicians Who Have Become Social Activists

6 Nov 2019

Musicians are celebrities, especially if they are from this era. Now almost every other musician has a massive fan following of thousands of people. The internet is also a huge contributing factor to the amount of publicity these musicians get and the amount of fame they enjoy.

People idolize their favorite musicians and would kill just to get a chance to meet them or let alone get an autograph. Most musicians honestly lose their sense of self once they become viral sensations and spend all of their time having a good time. There is no doubt that these celebrities have every right to enjoy themselves, however, it is imperative that they understand that they have a huge social obligation.

The millennial generation is easily influenced by the music they listen to and the artists that they follow. Every little girl wants to be the next Miley Cyrus or the new Taylor Swift, these little ones will start to mimic everything about their favorite artists. When we say that people idolize musicians, we literally mean it.

This applies to every age group as everyone has their own music genre which they can relate too. This is the true beauty of music but some artists do not understand what kind of social position they are in. Since they have thousands of followers who are watching their every move on social media platforms like Snap Chat and Instagram, these musicians can instantly send a message worldwide.

People will hold on to their every word, especially the younger generation who are still developing their taste in music. If these artists use their fame wisely, they can make a huge positive change in any aspect of society. This is exactly why so many musicians have turned into social activists as they are using their fame to help society in some way or the other. Currently, two of the most renowned musicians who have become social activists are mentioned below,

J. Ezike

Ezike is a Biafran author, political activist, columnist and musician. He started his career by playing on the streets and sheer talent has helped him become the viral sensation that he is today. He is most commonly known as “Kool Daddy” and has a massive fan following. J. Ezike has used his fame to speak about many core issues in society and has numerous columns dedicated to pertaining issues.

Emmylou Harris

Another renowned artist whose philanthropic efforts have to be commended is the iconic Emmylou Harris. She is a public advocate of the Animal Rescue unit and uses her fame quite remarkably. Emmylou will occasionally bring her dogs to her concerts and at the end, she would share the message that people should adopt homeless dogs from shelters. She also hosts many different fundraising events where the proceeds are directed toward helping animal rescue shelters.

These are just two of the musicians who are using their fame as a vehicle to do good in society; their philanthropy is quite beautiful as it proves that some musicians are still in touch with their roots. Hopefully, more musicians will follow their lead.

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