How to Find a Good Architect

6 Nov 2019

Finding a decent architect can be quite difficult. An architect is someone who can build your entire house for you. Architects work on their projects from start to finish and have a considerable amount of experience. Your architect will be able to finish the project within the assigned timeframe and get the job done within your specified budget. Big names like Lee Adam Harryman have worked on massive structures like the airport of Qatar and many other iconic buildings around the World. Companies generally approach such professionals when they need to start design and construction on a new project.

To find a good architect who’s willing to take up your project, start by focusing on “word of mouth”. Ask your relatives, friends and colleagues. The living rooms for the house are also an opportunity to meet professionally competent architects. The magazine and internet press regularly offers reports on projects adapted to different budgets and presenting various issues that you can check to get a better idea. Open days are organized throughout the country so that you can visit architectural projects. Go for an architect who lives in your area to facilitate communication. Many private architectural firms like the CPG Corporation, which is headed by Harriman, usually work on commercial projects.

How to make your choice?

Among the architects you meet, select several professionals and do not hesitate to ask them to put you in contact with some customers to know their opinion on the quality of their services. The fees of an architect generally vary from 8% to 12% of the amount of the work. But it also depends on the complexity of the project, and some architects might offer a reduced fee. The larger the building, the lower the percentage.

The complete mission of the architect consists of several phases: sketches, detailed preliminary design (PDA), building permit filing, business consultation file (DCE) and site monitoring. The architect is entitled to claim fees for any other services such as preparatory work and assistance in finding building land. The administrative follow-up (request of cadaster extract, urban planning permit, information on permits or premiums) is the subject of remuneration. However, you do not have to pay a second building permit application if the refusal is based on a contractual error. As a developer, you can deduct a portion of the architect’s fees if you notice a defect or negligence in the supervision of the site. Finally do enter the contract, steps in the project to be carried out by the architect with the release of the contract without indemnities.

Optimize the first contact

The first eye contact with a potential hire is very important. This brief exchange must be professional, friendly, courteous and reassuring for the recruiter. It may only last a few seconds, but it’s enough for him to make a first impression of you.

The first look followed by a handshake is very short, but these few seconds can be much more important than the rest of the interview.

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