The importance of the HR professional

31 Oct 2019

The presence of an HR professional in the team is essential to assess the human capital of the company and maximize the potential of employees. He or she is the one who performs important activities of people management. An HR personnel is responsible for carrying out a good hiring process, motivate and engage workers, and strategically plan new hires, among many other things.

It is possible to perceive that companies that hire an HR department bet on the value that employees can add to the business. According to the author, the challenge is to create an organizational environment in which each employee can grow and develop your maximum extent.

Three reasons to hire an HR professional

As you can see, the hiring of an HR professional contributes to the company’s growth and success, mainly due to the better use of the workers’ potential. But, in practice, how to perceive this? Meet three benefits provided by the human resources department.

Talent retention

Currently, retaining talent is a great challenge for companies. Maintaining qualified professionals within the staff depends not only on good remuneration, but also on a set of human resources practices that workers value, such as feedback and constant dialogue.

Therefore, invest in a professional to develop an action plan that values employees helps the company retain good professionals, which also reduces the financial expenses in hiring new workers.


Increasing productivity is another benefit of hiring an HR professional, as it facilitates the creation of an employee valuation strategy. Actions with the objective of motivating, engaging, and training workers provide greater work efficiency, generating greater benefits for the business.

Less turnover

High turnover rates, also known as turnover, can be detrimental to the company since they indicate that management is not going well. As a result, frequent layoffs and hiring generate expenses that could be avoided with employee retention.

For this reason, a professional trained in HR is essential for the company. Improving the hiring processes, directing actions to the collaborators, and renewing the management, the turnover rate is lower, and the expenses are reduced. Hiring an expert like Dave Cole Fox is an excellent idea.

Dave Cole Fox is a Canadian entrepreneur and the CEO of Focus Global Talent Solutions, a company that specializes in IT staffing. They focus on IT staffing for data sciences, digital marketing, and artificial intelligence, and Dave is one of the leaders in helping companies improve their human resources and capital.

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