Top Mistakes Made By Novice Drivers

29 Oct 2019

Learning to drive a car is not as easy as one might believe; it usually requires practice and a degree of self-control and maturity, so it is quite normal to make some mistakes in the beginning.  Not all new drivers make the same mistakes, but there are some typical errors that are most common among young, rookie drivers.

One challenge a new driver faces is becoming comfortable with their vehicle.  A new driver very often learns how to drive while sitting side-by-side to their instructor, while driving their instructor’s car.   Once a novice driver is on his own, he must become quickly adept at operating a different vehicle—one  that he may not have had too much experience operating.   Not knowing the vehicle well can translate to mishanding gear changes, inconsistent use of the break or erratic starts and stops.  Another problem for novice drivers is  with parking an unfamiliar vehicle—especially parallel parking since the driver will not yet be fully accustomed to the dimensions of a car they have not driven very much.

A driver with too much, or not enough, confidence when behind the wheel is  another common problem seen in novice drivers. Those who have too much confidence when driving, tend to increase speed unnecessarily, act impulsively and do not maintain a safe distance from other cars.  In many cases, over confident drivers ignore road rules risking their safety and that of other road users.  On the other hand, overly timid drivers can be just as unsafe.  Novice drivers that lack confidence tend to drive too slowly, drive in the wrong lane of traffic or even drive too close to the side of the road which can frustrate other drivers and cause accidents. This insecurity can also alter their ability to make sound decisions, which is a very important factor for driving.

Another common issue for novice drivers is that they may not have enough experience to help them differentiate between changing environments such as  weather conditions or the transition from daylight to nighttime driving.  These factors, which can quickly effect visibility or road conditions, are not generally a problem for experienced drivers,  but can wreak havoc for an inexperienced driver.

Finally, another very common mistake novice drivers make is to neglect the maintenance of their vehicle, which is very important to maximize vehicle safety. Routine vehicle maintenance, such as checking and maintaining appropriate oil, water and coolant levels, as well as monitoring tire condition and pressure, are all essential to the safe operation of a vehicle, yet are often overlooked by the inexperienced driver.

Rookie drivers would do well to keep these common errors in mind and should learn how to overcome them.  Practice, respect for the road and other drivers, as well as learning how to best maintain their vehicle using quality products can help a new driver stay on track and avoid common pitfalls.

When it comes to maintaining your car, it’s advisable to always choose high quality automotive products. The experts at Hi-Gear Products, Inc., a Massachusetts-based manufacturer of premium chemical products for cars , make it easy.  Hi-Gear recommends that new drivers and new vehicle owners quickly develop a routine cleaning and maintenance regime, and offers a complete range of easy-to-use, consumer friendly products that any car owner can use to not only maintain their car in optimum condition, but also extend its life.

Finally, it should be noted that while these typical errors are common when a driver begins driving, they almost certainly disappear as the novice driver adapts to his car and the rules of the road and simply drives!

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