How hapac® Masters Customer Loyalty

23 Oct 2019

Every brand, when they start, dreams of stability. It is the stability that would bring them a lot of profits, more talent, and potential safety from bankruptcy. But stability is only possible when they have a continuous flow of revenue, and that can only happen when the customers are satisfied.

A lot of companies spend days and nights researching how to be able to lock down customers and make sure that they will not run off to another company that might offer them something new. There have been so many brands in the past who have lost a lot of “loyal customers” to their competitors. That is a nightmare for any business.

Sell to needs but profit from wants

Sure, you will be earning a lot of revenue when you sell to the needs of the customers, but it is catering to the wants that actually brings in more profits. It is said that 95% of purchases come from the subconscious mind. It is these decisions that are communicated to the brain via the mind. It is actually the mind and not the brain that the brands need to concentrate on. For example, we all need to eat food, but we want a delivery service that works fast and delivers food on time.

Follow the trend or create

There have been devastating stories involving companies who failed to keep track of the trend and lost all of their loyal customers. New competitors emerge in the market every day, some may provide the same things being offered already, and some may introduce a different version of the product or service. Those companies who find comfort in staying the same and not growing will lose out to their more inventive and creative competitors. Just because you do not have a competitor yet does not mean you cannot keep on creating. A lot of the customers are bored of the products currently being provided and just jump at the chance of using something new. Similar is the case with Nokia. The company is a classic example of a brand that lost out to its competitors (iPhone and Samsung) because it failed to keep up.

This is why hapac® is so appreciated as a company thanks to the trend it has created. They have developed filter-paper packs, ready to use of pre-ground cannabis for use in dry-herb vaporisers. That would lead to no smoke, fewer toxicants and lesser waste. hapac® technology is gaining a lot of appreciation from the customers for being, simple, convenient, consistently dosed and  environmentally friendly while producing the same effect that a traditional way of smoking marijuana does.

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