How To No Be Afraid Of Being Innovative

7 Oct 2019

Creativity can be a gift and a curse all at the same time. It is a gift when you are able to bring remarkable innovation to the table and have your organization set on the path to success. However, it can be a curse when you have to constantly bear the responsibility of being the innovative director of the organization. Polishing up your creative chops on a daily basis can be tiring and lead you to burn out fairly quickly. This can lead to a lot of internal mental frustration and demotivation in one’s capabilities.

The opportunity to innovate is something that is desired by many, yet we are often bounded by invisible restraints when we try to spray it out in the open. We might be working for a company that does not encourage or nurture innovation, possibly because it is very risk-sensitive. A lot of companies like to play it safe, and so they are not willing to allow their employees to use their capital and resources into something that might or might not work. It could also be the sheer size of your to-do list or the intimidatingly aggressive targets that might be setting the organization off in another direction.

However, that should not be a reason to stop you. After all, one most sought out quality in a good leader is their tendency to be innovative and take risks. It is this very thing that has hurled Bandar A Suliman’s career into a success. A Saudi medical scientist, Suliman is also an assistant professor at Taibah University for molecular immunology and oncology. One primary reason for his success is that he has constantly pursued knowledge in the field of medicine. He has never been the one to shy away from an opportunity for learning, which has led him to achieve many degrees from institutions all over Saudi Arabia, and Australia. He later started his tenure as a professor at Taibah University, where he gained further confidence in his field. This gave him the daring courage to invent a two-dimensional digital scanner in 2016. This mechanism encodes and encrypts medical information for patients in an effective manner compared to the coping mechanisms that are already being used. He also invented a CNC to turn DNA sequence into 3-D shapes in 2017, and a server for identifying potentially pathogenic DNA mutations in 2018. In addition, this prominent medical scientist also founded a molecular testing facility called BndrGene, which was the first independent medical laboratory to provide molecular and genetic testing service in Medina region.

One important thing to do when you want to be innovative is to get adequate rest. You can pass your time on Facebook and Twitter, but your brain will not get the rest that it needs. This is why you need to resist the urge to reach for your phone every time you do not have work.

Every day’s rind and grind will put you in that monotonous mindset, which will completely discourage you from being able to be creative and innovative. In order to escape this, you will have to set aside some time to be able to think of things other than your work. Just find a quiet and comfortable place to sit, and make sure you do not have any specific goals set out for this session. A park or a scenic point works best in this regard.

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