Summer Jewelry Trends You Need To Get On Board With

30 Aug 2019

Jewelry is one of the best style statement hacks to embrace. A handful of jewelry places the right way around different parts of the body will do more to liven up the entire ensemble than any other component of the look. A good piece of jewelry helps you make a statement in different ways. It enhances your entire getup by adding a glow to your face. It can tie up your outfit of the day from loose ends and give you a more polished look. It also gives a peek into your personality; it could be a window to your beliefs, your mood, or your entire essence. This is why so many designers put emphasis on choosing the right jewelry for the outfit of the day.

If you are someone who styles their jewelry according to the season currently in the running, then you are in luck this summer. This season has been known to bolster some of the best and most colorful pieces of jewelry. Designers love to play with colors and pattern of the jewelry. Summer jewelry trend is one of the most significant ones when it comes to jewelry. It is because it is in the summer that our jewelry is the most exposed. We wear lesser or lighter clothes to beat the heat, and so a lot of our skin and jewelry are out in the open. This is why it is the time where the designers make the best display of their jewelry designing talents, as people love to get playful with their accessories at this time.

In the year 2019, people have been big on jewelry. It has given rise to anklets and sunglass chains. As far as the people are concerned, the more body parts they adorn, the better it is. This is why here are some of the jewelry trends that you need to follow this summer:

Sunglass chains

First, it was the ear cuffs and now come the sunglass chains. Attaching your branded precious shades to shiny high-quality chains will add the perfect pop of bling you need. If you are someone who is not too into wearing necklaces, then this is the ideal accessory for you. It brings you the convenience of style and sunrays protection in one go.

Colorful beads

Beads have always been alluring to us as children, turns out you being an adult does not mean that you have to push these fun beans to the side. You can also have your fun with these colorful accessories with the right jewelry.


This piece of accessory adds the perfect subtle sexiness to your look. You can opt for chunky, chains, pearls, or beads, whichever suits you best. They are the ideal accessory to go with your skirts, shorts, and capris.

Gabriel & Co., a New York-based company, has been putting out some of the best summer pieces this year. Having worked with the likes of Nicki Minaj, Jennifer Love Hewitt, and Jennifer Lawrence, this brand has been known to put a lot of heart and soul into their work, and it shows! They also have the Gabriel Magic App which will help you sort out the jewelry you should be wearing.

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