How to Work with a Commercial Agent

26 Aug 2019

A very noteworthy public figure in the entertainment business is the commercial agent. On many occasions, productions make serious mistakes regarding business and money cost us money, and the plummeting sales is a sole reason hinting to a lack of a commercial agent.

Well, leaving aside other considerations, how should I select the commercial agent? There are criteria that we must take into account to select our representative in the entertainment market. This person will be the face of our project and, therefore, we must make sure that our selection process leaves no room for mistakes.

A good example of a commercial agent remains Joseph Maenza, the Founder of Maenza Enterprises, LLC. Maenza has handled an array of entertainment projects and helped people gauge remarkable success with their entertainment projects. His area of specialization is monetization of projects, and he has helped his client secure generous returns on projects.

But what criteria can we take into account, here are some that can serve as a guide:

Commercial coverage capacity of the agent – It is important to know the true capacity of the commercial agent. Is it a single person or a group of professionals? Does it have the capacity to cover the entire market or only a part of it? Does it have support staff?

Experience with the product – The lack of experience in this field can handicap us. This is why a honed commercial agent with experience in the sector can facilitate us. His or her expertise in our particular field of operations can be a plus.

Do you work with our competition? It is more than the usual problem. Even in some sectors, it is very common for the same commercial agent to work with companies that are directly in competition. You have to avoid these situations because you never know which of the two he is going to favor more.

Collaboration spirit – It must be said that a commercial agent should be considered part of our commercial team and, therefore, must be treated as such in the company’s commercial policy.

In short, we must be able to find the best commercial agent we can have. They are professionals like us and are always on the lookout for better and more attractive projects. You just need to ensure that you get on board with the right commercial agent with whom you can establish a good working relationship and enjoy a long-term alliance.

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