How to Utilise your Psychology Degree Outside of Psychology

24 Aug 2019

Depending on what area you go into, psychology jobs can differ massively from one another. Specifically within psychology, there are many fields an individual can find themselves wishing to specialise in. However, these paths usually always mean studying a further Masters and PhD as well. For many, this can be too long a time in education, or something that can’t be sustained due to tuition fees and a lack of income, etc. So, in this article, we’ll look at some of your options outside the realm of psychology. Jobs and fields where your degree is still put to good use, and where there is a large psychological aspect to these roles.

Recovery work appeals to many people coming from a background in psychology. This can often be due to the mental health problems associated with addiction, and the causality of trauma leading to addiction. The group, and one on one sessions in recovery work isn’t necessarily therapy in the same sense as it is in normal psychology settings. This type of therapy is a lot more practically based. Firstly, in getting service users to check in with themselves more regularly, as well as developing systems to cut down on usage. Or at the very least creating systems so they’re more aware of how much they are taking of a particular substance in the first place.

Psychology also naturally lends itself to career advice. This is because psychology gives you a good basis on being able to understand quickly someone’s mental needs and wants. Therefore, it’d be fairly straightforward to extend this to what type of job/career would satisfy an individual.

A large amount of psychology is in one form or another, finding conflict resolution, and de-escalation of particular situations. These types of skills are perfect for working in Human Resources (HR). Within HR, you’re often the first port of call when allegations are made by members of staff toward a colleague or manager. Your role is often to work out what specifically has occurred, then finding an amicable solution to the problem for all parties involved.

Finally, if you’re interested in a more commercial route, then perhaps a role within market research would suit you. A lot of market research concerns itself with a consumer’s psychological reaction to a brand/product. Having those that can understand and interpret this psychological reaction is vital to market research’s success.

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