How Michael Sapir is killing the Real Estate Game

22 Aug 2019

Being a real estate developer is not an easy job. Impeccable risk tolerance along with the right education is two of the top qualities that make an accomplished real estate agent. Real estate agent is a high stakes job. Whatever quality a normal person has, a real estate agent needs to possess them in double doses.

Having excellent people skills does not mean that you are confident and can speak to people, a real estate agent/developer will always have to take it a step further. They need to be able to use the right words so as to convince and charm the person in front of them to purchase what they are selling. Buying a property is a big deal and anyone, spending their life’s hard earned money would think more than once before taking the big plunge. You need to formulate your words in such a way that you do not only get the stranger in front of you to trust you, but also persuade them to buy the building that you are putting up on sale.

It is these qualities and more that make Michael Sapir the best in the business. A Jewish American adopted and raised by Jewish Russian immigrant grandparents, Sapir displayed signs of real estate acumen from the very start. Ever the ambitious individual Sapir attended Southwestern Law School and West L.A. College for Business and Economics. Other than that, finally finding his true calling he attended the UCLA Real Estate Program.

Ever since he has dipped his toes in the field he has witnessed nothing but success. He, like any other real estate agent first started off with smaller projects, gradually grabbing $150 million to $2 billion projects. Over his tenure in the real estate business, Sapir has developed over 3 million sq. ft. of office and retail real estate. He is also the one to have found Davis Media Group, the company that produces a combination of real estate and entertainment news. He served the company as its CEO, and then bought Crane Plumbing Estate in 1996, that is the largest private estate in Los Angeles County then.

But that did not stop Sapir, from marching on. He then introduced his own snow Heights Promenade in the year 2017. This was a $45 million phase 1 themed retail entertainment development. Phase 2 has been said to be a $100 million office high rise with a 5-star rooftop dining experience built for the state of New Mexico. He has also spread his wings globally and is now the owner of Sapir Tower in Israel.

Time and time again Sapiro has proven where ambition and talent can lead a person. You just need to be resolute in your ways and have the courage to face the incoming challenge head-on.

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