How Paris Aspen Arin Develops Ambition among Children

2 Aug 2019

Thinking back now to a time when we were first asked the question, ‘What do you want to be when you grow up?’ We would probably laugh in the present day at what our eight-year-old selves answered. An astronaut, a president, a chef, a pilot, and so on. No one at the tender age of five would ever deduce that his or her dream job was to sit around and make spreadsheets in a cubicle. While there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that since you have to make ends meet somehow, the fact still remains that when we were younger, we were practically blinded by a more glamorous life and thought that it would be the only perfect life for us.

As we grew up, however, we shifted our focus towards something much more realistic. It still poses the question; aren’t there people in the world who are astronauts, presidents, and chefs?

The fact of the matter is that our dreams and ambitions were never really eradicated from our minds. What happened, instead, was that we began to cloud those dreams with doubts centered on stability and certainty. Yet, there are people in this world who were determined enough from a tender age to follow a passion and are making headlines in that field today. A perfect example would be none other than Paris Aspen Arin.

Given her talent, Paris Aspen Arin is set to soon become a household name. From the age of five, Paris had been fascinated with symphonies and classical music. This led her parents to enroll her in a prestigious school for music. This equipped her with the ability to mesmerize her audience by playing the piano. She learned to write and create music at quite an early age. Paris was a gifted child and everyone around her could tell her apart very easily.

Today, Paris is not known solely for her talents in the world of classical music. In addition to performing with some of the best orchestras in the world at some of the most prestigious venues, Paris has also gone on to become a singer, a songwriter, an author, an ambassador, and a product designer.

Oh, the kicker? As of 2019, Paris Aspen Arin is fourteen years old. She is the author of the famous children’s novel series – Sonatina’s Adventures with its first installment Sonatina in the Woods becoming a popular read in kindergarten.

Furthermore, Paris has co-designed a musical application by the name of Aurax that is aimed at helping pianists by allowing them to perform longer symphonies with ease. Growing up, we’ve all had our ambitions and dreams fueled by passion. After a certain age, we dug those dreams so far down in our minds that we barely ever think of them now. However, Paris Aspen Arin is a testimony to the fact that if your children are good at something, you need to let them flourish in that very field.

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