Surprise Your Business Partner With a Unique Gift; 5 Ideas

29 Jul 2019

Are you thinking of buying a gift for your business partner? It can be a bit tricky to come up with the right gift, which is a balance between a personal and professional feel. No need to worry, you can get a classy gift that speaks volumes without having to break the bank. Below are five gift ideas that you can surprise your business partner with.

  1. Personalized fortune cookies

Nothing says ‘unique’ more than a personalized fortune cookie. A personalized fortune cookie will allow you to send whatever kind of message you want to your business partner. It could be a thank you note to show that you appreciate them, a congratulatory message for their achievements, or even a wise business quote. To add icing to the cake, you can present the cake in a custom wrapper, box, or other unique packaging to make it appear even more thoughtful.

  1. A bottle of wine

Wine is a gift for any occasion, and you cannot go wrong with a wine gift. Once you buy the wine, package it with a customized name to make it stand out. You can also add some customized glasses to make the gift more memorable.

  1. Get a ticket for two to a place where you can relax

Running a business can be hectic, leaving you with no time to relax and breathe. Buying a ticket for two to a spa, theatre, the zoo, or a golf game could be the perfect gift. With this kind of gift, you not only get your business partner to unwind, but you also create time outside of work to bond with them and strengthen your relationship.

  1. A book

We all know business people love to read, or rather, they have to. Reading helps them to stay ahead in the business world, and it is suitable for professional development. A book is a special gift because it will always be a reference for knowledge. For the book gift to be more effective, ensure you find out your partner’s preferences, and get a suitable read.

  1. Wall art

Beautiful wall art will help your business partner to loosen up from the uptight world of business. Think about his or her hobbies, places they love to visit, their favorite animal, movie, or even their role model. You can then get custom-made wall art for them to hang in their office or take home. If you have some photos of his close family members—his children or spouse, have these images turned into wall art. Another great idea is to gift him or her a beautiful hand-drawing or painting of themselves. How epic is that?

If you know a bit about your partner, it is easy to get them a statement gift. The right gift will communicate thoughtfulness and help you build a valuable relationship with your partner. Remember, the gift does not have to be expensive. Sometimes, less is more.

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