Why Is Chidi Topaz Olujie The Best Example Of Effective Activism?

25 Jul 2019

Every new day sees a new activist on the rise. For years, the world has turned a blind eye to the issues of the minorities, people who do not conform to the “normal” standards of a country. The word “minorities” does not have to mean people of a particular religion, culture, or race. Minorities can be any group of people who are categorized into communities due to something specific that makes them stand out from the majority of the country. This particular element could be someone’s sexuality, disability, mental disorder, gender, etc.

But if history tells it right, people with a characteristic or natural element that is different from the majority have been targeted continuously and prosecuted for “being different.” Over the years as the laws have gotten stricter and the media has gotten bolder people that belong to those minority communities have started to speak up. More and more groups are seeing representation in the media that helps spread not only awareness of such a situation but also empathy for people going through it.

However, being an activist for a cause is not easy. Activists for a certain cause are present in large numbers out there, but only a few of them have been able to make a significant impact in the world. Certain subtle factors help differentiate a run of the mill activist with Chidi Topaz Olujie.

Having been diagnosed with mumps at the age of 2, Olujie and his family had no idea that a simple human error could transform their lives forever. The doctors that had been called to operate on Olujie, mistreated his symptoms, and he was left with a permanent disability that made it difficult for him to hear. But that did not dissuade Olujie from living his life and finding the meaning of it. He dedicated himself to studying his condition, and those in the same boat as him. He went on to pursue a Ed.D. in special education from Northcentral University California. He has gone on to become a special educator, a blogger, and a businessman. He ran a campaign for the presidential candidate of Peoples Democratic Party.

The reason why Olujie stands out in his message from other activists is because of the way he has approached the cause. One reason why Olujie has experienced such success is that he has sought to find people who can share his ideology with him. He is able to reach across cultural divides to find a common cause. He also looks for points in the community where change is easier to manage. This will help people think that change is easy and is more doable. Another reason why he is able to generate such positive vibes from the public is his will to educate them about the condition. He himself dived into levels after levels of educational institutions that gave him a deeper understanding of what he was going through, and he wants people to do the same.