Tips to Creating a More Usable E-Commerce Site

28 Jun 2019

We know how hard it can be to setup or continue to run a great E-Commerce site that you can earn a living off, especially if you’re new to it.

So to make things easier we’ve came up with a couple of tips you can try to improve your site and pull in the maximum amount of revenue possible.

: – Create Sign up Buttons

The first and most important function you can have is a sign up button on your site, ideally one that’s on every page of your site, is easy to see and features a minimalistic design. Don’t go for big flashy numbers as it will make your site seem like it’s only interested in getting people to join. You want something that says ‘You can sign up if you like, it’s your choice’.

Also make sure that when your customers choose to sign up they don’t have to go through several pages of excessively long forms to fill in. No one in their right mind enjoys filling those in, especially if something goes wrong and you need to enter your details in again.

: – Feature Guest Buying Options

Continuing with the theme of filling in forms, provide your users with an option to buy items as a guest without going through the rigmarole of registration. Not having to fill in a form to make a purchase will instantly sell your site to a large number of users who then might return and set up an account.

A lot of bingo sites use a similar practice only instead of creating guest accounts they’ll let you try games in a demo mode without having to create an account or they will give you free cash to spend on a few areas of the site to take it for a test run.

: – Contain Simple and Secure Shopping Carts

One of the main selling points of a site is its simplicity and security, use the old saying of ‘Keep it simple stupid’ when you’re creating the layout of your sites cart system. Also for security try implementing software from either Hacker Safe or one of the VeriSign options to encourage consumers to trust your brand.

: – Add Item Suggestions to Orders

Use sale suggestions to try to encourage your customers to impulse buy when they’re making an order. For example, if they were purchasing electronics suggest batteries or chargers, not only will this save them time in searching for them on their own it also means you’ll get another sale from them.

If you want a good example try hopinfirst, they provide users with additional sites to try out as they’re browsing in a sort of ‘If you like that, then this site runs it’ sort of way.

So overall, just try sticking to a couple of these tips when you’re running your E-Commerce site and you should see a ton of business and customers coming your way.

Author Bio.:- Priya is a Technical SEO at Hopinfirst, a leading mobile app development company which provide best ios app development and Android app development Services.

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