Rudolf Sodamin’s Life from Cradle to Cooking

22 May 2019

There are hundreds of thousands of chefs around the globe, but only a rare few are worth the praise by the entire globe! One of the bunch of those rare is Rudolf Sodamin. Born on April 6th, 1958, Rudolf, like many other kids, had a thing for good food. However, his love for food turned out to be slightly up a notch than others as he became older and went on to become a world-famous chef at a very young age.

The Art of Cooking

Rudolf did not just like eating, he loved being at the back end of the game! He wanted to cook the most mesmerizing, awe-inspiring, and satiating meals that would leave people spellbound. At an early age of 14, Rudolf went to France in hopes of learning some useful tips and tricks on how he could take his cooking skills slightly higher. By the time he got back, the glimmers of his bright future were quite evident.

Rudolf continues to practice and honing the skills he had by working at restaurants before he got a call from Vistafjord, a luxury Vessel that wanted him to come on board as their top chef! This was a truly magnificent moment for the youngster as he had the chance to lead a team of 100 cooks! Quickly accepting the job, Rudolf started working and giving people on the vessel a reason to wait for the mealtimes.

After serving a year at Vistafjord, Rudolf moves on to QE2. This was an Ocean Liner where Rudolf was asked to head a team of experienced chefs, this time they were double the previous time. Rudolf Sodamin was heading 200 cooks at QE2. He felt some personal attachment with the ship which is why Rudolf decided why not completely alter the menu so people actually look forward to his meals. Rudolf redid the entire menu making it far more lucrative for everyone.

Awards and Achievements

It is only fair for the man of such skills to receive some well-deserved recognition. For several years, Rudolf was mentioned in a variety of cooking magazines making his name outshine others by a big margin. Some of the key mentions were made in “Seduction and Spice: 130 Recipes for Romance”, “Kulinarische Traumreise”, and “Royal Caribbean International Cookbook” etc.

Rudolf has also written several books in order to let the world benefit from his culinary brilliance! A few of his most welcomed books include, “Taste of Elegance: Volume II. Culinary Signature Collection. Holland America Line. New York: Rizzoli International Publications, Inc.”, “Cookbook Sapori & Seduzione by Rudi Sodamin”, “Libro Sapori & Seduzione – Sodamin Rudi – Rizzoli – Varia | LaFeltrinelliand” and “Luscious Foods. Newburyport (Massachusetts, USA): Hampton Roads Publishing Company”.

It is fair to state that Rudolf has marked his feat in the world of cooking by making exceptionally mouthwatering cuisines adored by millions around the world. As of now, he is looking forward to the inauguration of his new personal restaurant dubbed, “Rudi’s Sel De Mer” which will be featured on Holland America line.