The Beauty of Feeling Like You’re Home While In a Foreign Land

9 May 2019

People who travel on a regular basis or people who move to a different country in search of better opportunities, tend to receive the wide exposure that they’re after but they often tend to make huge sacrifices in the process of doing so. One such sacrifice is leaving home behind – the country that you grew up in and the understood the traditions of. It’s always a heartbreaking scenario and each person has their own story to tell when it comes to these situations.

Such is the case for millions of Turkish individuals who have moved to America at a certain age for various reasons. Although home is where the heart is, it is not easy to leave behind the language, culture and people that you had grown so fond of. This is just one of the many reasons why many people who move away from home tend to feel homesick every now and then.

The good news, however, for All Turkish Americans is that they don’t necessarily need to feel like they’re not home even though they’re so far away from it. Since there are so many Turkish people who have moved away from home to various parts of the world, a news portal came into being for the purpose of keeping everyone on the same page about “home”.

Amerikali Turk

Amerikali Turk is a New York-based news portal for American Turks and was founded in the year 2012 by Deniz Celik. Amerikali Turk is the most visited Turkish website in the USA and the number one social media channel, with over 10,000 unique visitors every single day. The company has reached a total of 80 percent US-based Turks with about 20 percent of Turks living in Turkey or other parts of the world.

The fact of the matter is that with such an interactive website and social media platform made solely for Turks all across the world, how can one possibly feel like they don’t have their home with them everywhere they go? They could travel the seven seas and still just get all the updates they need from one place. This alone explains the main reason behind the growing popularity of the website.

Shine Where You Go

In addition to having such an innovative concept available to you at any part of the world, it’s also important to stay happy and shine wherever you end up going. This not only helps your experiences be those that are positive, but it’s more than likely to not have you feeling homesick before you even have the time to unpack your things.

Moving away from home can seem daunting the beginning, but it’s all a matter of time before you understand the importance of pure independence. Amerikali Turk exists for such a reason, among others, which is why it is the favorite option of Turks all across the world.

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