Try a Centers Health Care Nursing Home On For Size with Adult Daycare Sessions

2 May 2019

In a world full of people chasing their dreams and running after success, we often forget about those who have taught us to walk, who prepared us to face the challenges adulthood was to throw at us, and those who are the sole reason behind every inch of success we have achieved or are on the verge of achieving. We are talking about our parents – one of the greatest blessings that we have.

There is a large number of people who take their parents for granted. Such people often only realize the worth of their parents once they have lost them.

One of the vital things to consider for the elderly is their health. Unfortunately, a lot of children are bad at taking notice of the growing needs of their parents. This is where senior living facilities like nursing homes come into play. It is crucial to monitor the health of parents in order to prevent it from going bad and take them for proper treatment in case of a dire emergency. Since all of this is difficult to be done solely at home, it may be a better option to take your parents to a reliable health care center where they could live a better, healthier, and content life. According to WHO (World Health Organization), a well-functioning health care system requires a well-trained and a sufficiently paid workforce with a decent amount of knowledge and expertise.

One of the swiftly growing and leading health care organizations in the United States is Centers Health Care. It offers rehabilitation services, nursing, ambulatory and a lot more. It already has 49 facilities running across 5 states: New York, New Jersey, Missouri, Kansas, and Rhode Island. And Centers is striving to add more medical services to their range of offerings including home health care, managed care, medical transport, and urgent care.

Centers Health Care was founded by Kenneth (Kenny) Rozenberg, and he operates as the CEO. In 1996, after working in administrative positions in the medical and skilled nursing fields for six years, Rozenberg acquired his first nursing home: Williamsbridge Manor. He added a second, Bruckner Nursing Home (renamed Bronx Centers for Rehabilitation and Health Care), two years later. By 2018, half a million people are receiving services from Centers.

Among all the services, Adult Day Care is what Centers Health Care stands out in. The company offers medically supervised Adult Day Care via a single call. Making it more even convenient, their courtesy transportation vans pick up patients/members from your doorstep, and bring them back home safely in the afternoon. Instead of spending a day alone, seniors get a chance to spend their day in the company of contemporaries who may have a lot in common, and they even can become good friends.

There are many people who are unable to give proper time and attention to the seniors of their families during the days when they need it the most. Thankfully, there are places like Centers Health Care providing top-of-the-line services to make your parents comfortable and provide them with a home-like environment.

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