How to Shape a Content Marketing Strategy That Can Help Businesses To Maximize Their Conversions

23 Apr 2019

Like every aspect of marketing, content marketing is considered to bring in huge return with potentially low investment. Being a business person, you should have two goals for marketing—to reach out to the audience and increase conversion rates.

However, the question is how can develop content that can reach to your potential audience and engage them and eventually convert them to purchase products from your brand. Content marketing can be the backbone of all your paid and outbound marketing strategies. Content marketing can augment your marketing tactics to an audience and make an impact on them.

Here are some tactics in which you can improve your conversion rates by building an effective content marketing strategy.

Aggregate resources to run content marketing

One of the major complications that marketers face is the shortage of resources which can cause a major drawback in the conversion rate of the organization. Content marketing can be helpful in getting the same results even with the minimal resources.

There are two crucial parts of content marketing that you need to remember. One, the team—marketers often declare that a significant problem of an organization is building a team. Content marketing requires dedication along with a clear strategy. However, building a team is not a necessity. All you require is a clear content marketing strategy and the successful publication of the content. This is something that has been proven by small startups time and again.

Secondly, the marketing tools—lack of marketing tool can also stall the progress of your marketing efforts. One can do marketing manually. However, a lot of time can get wasted in it which you can use in various other marketing tactics. Instead, you can use efficient tools to analyze, write and distribute and engage the users.

Content marketing may require a lot of efforts and time to get the required results, but it is a myth to say that it needs a lot of resources to reach to the audience.

Figure out the key progress indicators to achieve results

In order to achieve the target result, you need to figure out the key performance indicator which can tell you if you are achieving the desired results. Here are some KPI’s you need to document:

  • The time of a potential customer spent on a blog or other content pieces
  • The bounce rate of the blog and average views.
  • Form filled out by the consumers for content such as eBooks, whitepapers and more
  • Conversion rate and desired action of the audience
  • Inbound link generated
  • Comment posted on the blog

Map the content strategy according to the four stages

While creating a marketing strategy, it is important to acquire the standard marketing stages of content creation which includes:

  • Discovery of the correct content for marketing. it may include, blogs, webinars, guides, e-mails, letterheads and more
  • Consider the case; studies demo reels and videos, FAQs and product comparison
  • Coverage of testimonials, success stories and reviews of the customers
  • Maintain knowledge base articles and guides. Provide special offers, consultations and insider tips

Having a clear cut marketing plan according to these stages of content marketing strategy can guide your audience and potential customers through every stage of their buyer’s journey.

Organize your content approach

This can help the marketers to smooth the content creation plan and produce quality content with a better engagement of the audience.

Here is how you can organize your content strategy.


  • Build a content calendar


Target more than two keywords for a month. Share multiple collateral on your website as well as on guest blogs in a month. Depending on the size of your team, you can scale your keywords from just two keywords or more.

  • Automate your social media distribution

Posting on social media becomes a tedious part especially when you have to publish over 10 to 12 social updates daily. You can use various tools to automate the distribution of content on social media. Other than that, you can also use the analytical dashboard to monitor your social media activity.

Cater to the need of the audience through content

It is commonly believed that long-term content works better for business and entrepreneurs usually focus on the creation of content that can serve them in the long run. However, it is no lie that short-form content can also be used to cater to the needs of the audience. In order to do that, you need to pay attention to these factors:

  • Target audience: know your audience to understand their needs and requirements. Who are your customers and what problems can your brand cater to meet their needs.
  • Writing style: keep your content short and to the point. It is necessary for the content to contain the message of the business and be steady if you are changing your writing style.
  • Type of content: there is a various form of content that you can use for marketing, for example, nowadays businesses are opting for Wikipedia as a marketing platform as it has high ranked in the search engines and provide authentic information to the audience. Marketers hire Wikipedia experts for writing an informative Wikipedia page.


As a business person, you need to make sure that your content marketing strategy caters the needs of your audience while persuading them to take action. As a marketer, you need to inspire, educate and entertain your audience for maximum conversions

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