Expectations of Dubai’s Business Market in the Coming Years

23 Apr 2019

Dubai is the crown jewel of the Middle East, home to some of the affluent people on earth. The Gulf city has everything to offer in terms of attractions and draw a great number of visitors from all parts of the world. The city has transformed in the past couple of decades from being a mere deserted land in the Gulf to one of the most expensive and mega centers of the world.

Dubai is swamping with business opportunities. Entrepreneurs, businessmen, and investors flock to Dubai for business opportunities. The country’s favorable laws and open opportunities have made it fundamentally easy for a lot of people to capitalize on different market segments. The business scene in Dubai has matured and it is certainly not what it used to be a decade back. People who are keen about doing business in the city wish to learn about the current trends and the situation which would make it more convenient for them to have a high rate of returns.

Here is what experts think about how business is taking shape in Dubai for the next years:

Booming real estate sector – Property prices are falling and private investing opportunities are growing. This has attracted a lot of investors and expats from around the world to indulge in investment activities. WOS Swiss Investments AG, an investment company headed by Thomas Dawid Wos and his wife, Jennifer Wos. The firm has invested in many lucrative real-estate projects and has a large portfolio of happy investors, managing assets of more than 150 million Euros. They are behind the platform AllRealEstates.com and are set to build around 10,000 homes in the next decade. WOS Swiss Investments AG is also working on the hotel chain – The WOS in Dubai.

EXPO 2020 – Many eateries, stores, airlines and other sorts of businesses are eyeing a real opportunity with the upcoming Expo in Dubai. It has drawn a lot of investment from people as well as recreational opportunities. People from around the world are going to visit the city to attend the Expo and it would mean a thriving potential for business in the sector. The WOS hotel chain is also a great way to cater to the influx in the demand from visitors.

Less tourism – The currency value is constantly fluctuating against the US Dollar and it is making Dubai and very expensive place to live. A major chunk of tourists who have recently visited the city is not those who do not have stable finance in the banks. Normal tourists are downplaying the idea of touring the city because it continues to be an expensive affair. This has resulted in the number of tourists declining every year.

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