Finding Work-Life Balance as an Entrepreneur or C-suite Executive

2 Apr 2019

Every working professional aspires to achieve monumental success in their career and strives for it. However, as you progress and get promoted to senior positions, you may encounter an environment which can be really demanding. The same goes with entrepreneurs who have to put forth everything on stake and make substantial sacrifices to achieve and get somewhere. This is a harsh reality of every lucrative job position because as a professional, you are tied with a huge responsibility.

As a CEO, CMO, CFO or an entrepreneur, you may require to put in long hours on a daily basis. Quite frankly, you can see yourself burdened by piling work and unrelenting stress. It can be really challenging and ultimately, would take a toll on you. If you fail to do something about it, it may as well turn out to be a blow pushing you out of the game. Most entrepreneurs fail and a staggering number of c-suite executives do not effectively deliver on their jobs, and the greatest for that is they crumble under pressure.

In this regard, a professional needs to find work-life balance. It may sound obnoxious given that your schedule does not even allow you to keep your word for a dinner date with someone. However, the greatest leaders are judged for their ability to keep work limited to work and have a space for other kinds of pursuits. These pursuits could be anything besides primary work that you would be doing during the hours. It could be heeding your personal interests like going on hiking, watching a football game at a pub, attending your child’s sports event, shopping with a partner, going to a salon, or simply killing time on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

Having time off work is important for your wellbeing. It directly impacts your performance because your mind and body need frequent breaks to wind up, reflect, and refill your energy, in order to start the grind again. Escaping the daily churn and burn system would actually make you more productive.

Most business leaders are trying to exceed in this area as well. They are constantly on the look for strategies and resources which would help them succeed in finding a balance between work and the rest of their life. Tony Jeton Selimi is someone who’s always been enlisted by professionals to help them. Tony is a pioneer of what is required for personal and professional success. He’s prominently known as a self-made millionaire entrepreneur, professional speaker and transformational life coach, award-winning author, filmmaker, keynote and TEDx speaker. Tony has developed one of a kind, the all-famous TJSeMethod: ALARM™ which is imminently adding priceless value to businesses, entrepreneurs, educators, corporate leaders, and people from all walks of life.

He teaches them how to use the twenty-five conscious engineering principles embedded in his five-step method to create the breakthroughs, the results and the life they deep down desire and deserve. He has written a great number of best-selling books including #Loneliness: The Virus of Modern Age, A Path to Wisdom: How to live a balanced, healthy and peaceful life, Fit for Purpose Leadership #3 and 2019 most anticipated upcoming leadership book A Path to Excellence.

Tony is an ardent proponent of the idea that deep down every professional strives for personal success, which often comes via finding a healthy balance between work and life.

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