The Ultimate Guide on Preparing for your College Application

9 Mar 2019

College education is the single most important door opener designed to jumpstart your career – no if, and’s or but’s-.

Different college degrees hold different weights based on the rigor and prestige of the institution the student attended.

Most professional job applications demand a college degree; both recruiters and employers are keen to differentiate potential candidates on the basis of which university or college they attended.

Generally speaking, being a graduate of Harvard, Cambridge, Stanford, Oxford and/or Yale automatically increase a job seeker’s chances of getting hired at a top organization, commanding a higher starting salary.

However, deciding on which college to apply to, and making sure you get in is a convoluted process, far from intuitive and filled with traps every step of the way. A myriad of factors come into play – some schools will heavily weigh an essay, for example, while others might substantially weigh extra-curricular activities.

Applying to college is one of the few decisions a student must make early in life, which, will likely affect his or her life in more ways than one.

Most of the so called online college advisors, and on and off-line college counselors, have been proven time and again to make a marginal difference – if at all – in a student’s ability to get into the school of his/her dreams, much less in finding ways to pay for it.

If you want to get into the college of your dreams, you need to be prepared. Below are the steps we recommend you follow:

Learn about the different college programs available to you

First and foremost, make a list of your top ten college options and find out if they offer the program of your choice.

Second, research which institution would suit your needs in terms of qualification and costs.

Third – Get myKlovr –

MyKlovr has gained massive popularity around the world as the one and only top virtual college counselor. They are the first-of-its-kind virtual college counseling platform that utilizes predictive data analytics and artificial intelligence to increase every high school student’s chances of college admission. In addition, subject to its terms and conditions, myKlovr, provides a money back guarantee to the student if he/she pays for its service, uses its algorithm and does not get accepted to the myKlovr recommended tier of schools. And the cost is truly minor!

Fourth – Visit campus – Make a visit to each of the campuses for your preferred schools. And by all means, take lots of notes and ask lots of questions. Explore the school as much as possible. Pick up brochures and any other information which you will need in order to make your decision. Above all, we cannot emphasize this enough, do your homework!

Fifth – Interact with alumni and students – Feel free to talk to prospective as well as existing students. It is ok to reach out, even if you do not know other students. Remember, it is likely the people you are reaching out to, have themselves been in your shoes, as early as the prior year to your college application.

A final word, even-though you may not realize this now, it is vital you have organized guidance throughout your college admissions process. Lucky for you, Artificial Intelligence and Predictive Analytics have made your college search an achievable objective!

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